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In addition to the question How to install SQLA 16 EBF silently?

When using the EBF setup in silent mode, how can I control it to install on a 64bit operating system also the 32bit client drivers?

asked 13 Feb '15, 10:10

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The EBF install (silent or not) doesn't allow you to change your feature selection. The feature selection was made during the first-time install and the EBF simply updates the files corresponding to that selection. The feature selection you have described above IS the default feature selection, i.e., on a 64-bit OS the default is to install the 32-bit client interfaces.

Also, during a first-time install you can specify the feature selection when you launch setup.exe from the command line. The feature codes and their usage are listed in the documentation (near the bottom of the page).

Feature selection can be changed after the first-time install by running the install in maintenance mode (Control Panel/Programs and Features/Change) and selecting the Modify option in the Program Maintenance dialog. This can only be done interactively.

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answered 13 Feb '15, 11:53

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Bill Allwright
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AFAIK (but I have not tested this), a deployment via the Deployment Wizard should allow for a modified selection.

(13 Feb '15, 12:37) Volker Barth
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