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To update a SQL Anywhere 16.0 Network server -- which is at a deployed site -- with an EBF, do the .lic files that were deployed with the original installation need to be regenerated to match the new executables?

The site was originally deployed with a manual method: There was no Setup or MSI run there, and no registration key was entered there. Rather, the developer (who is responsible for the licences) just prepared and delivered to the site a folder structure "SQL Anywhere 16\Bin32" that contained all the .exe, .dll and .lic files with instructions for the local site admin to copy that folder to "C:\Program FIles (x86)\". Then the local admin ran dbsvc.exe with appropriate parameters to create and register the service running dbsrv16.exe.

Now, to deploy an update from an EBF using a similar method, would this work: Could the developer just extract the new .exe and .dll files from a downloaded EBF distribution into a similar folder structure, add in the prior .lic files, then send that folder to the deployed site as a clean reinstall? Or could the site even reuse the existing .lic files already deployed?

Or would the developer have to generate new .lic files upstream?

asked 24 Mar '19, 12:11

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AFAIK, the .lic files are not modified by an EBF, so you can either leave them as is or just re-apply the original files.

FWIW, here's a FAQ dealing with how the SQL Anywhere engineers themselves (!) "install" new versions without using an official installer...

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answered 24 Mar '19, 15:45

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Volker Barth
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However, several files need to be registered, say the ODBC DLLs. How do you do that?

(24 Mar '19, 15:48) Volker Barth
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The ODBC driver and connectors that need registration are not used on the server, only the clients.

As far as I know -- and the deployed site I am looking at has, in fact, been running for several years -- since all the DLLs actually used by the server reside in the same "C:\Program FIles (x86)\SQL Anywhere 16\Bin32" folder as the EXE files, no DLL registration is required.

Of course, the service itself needs to be registered, but that is accomplished by running dbsvc.exe.

(24 Mar '19, 18:09) RossEvans

The reason I asked about the .lic files is that I wondered if there was any checksum validation against the corresponding .exe files.

(24 Mar '19, 18:26) RossEvans

I don't think so, the .lic files on our installs have never been modified by an EBF.

(25 Mar '19, 03:54) Volker Barth
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