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I'm running SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 build 3759 on Linux. I want to upgrade it to the latest build. Can I download the latest build and install it, or do I need to download all the previous EBFs since build 3759 and incrementally install them? The reason I ask is the "SA components only" builds seem to imply they are not full updates.

One last question. Does the database engine need to be stopped to install an EBF? Thanks.

The download page currently shows the following EBFs for Linux:

Platform: Linux x86/Linux x64

SQL Anywhere - Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3827 (SA components only) 12.0.1 10 Dec 2012 EBF/Patch
SQL Anywhere - Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3798 12.0.1 07 Nov 2012 EBF/Patch
SQL Anywhere - Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3798 (SA components only) 12.0.1 24 Oct 2012 EBF/Patch

asked 31 Jan '13, 12:12

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Mark Culp

EBFs are always cumulative, so generally you just need to apply one EBF- see this FAQ.

For the remaining post, I don't know w.r.t. Linux - for Windows, you have to stop the database engine as usually their own program files will be replaced, too.

(31 Jan '13, 12:31) Volker Barth

BTW: When asking two questions it is recommended that you post each question as a separate question on the forum.

(31 Jan '13, 18:15) Mark Culp

Volker answered your first question: EBFs are cumulative so you only need to download and install the latest EBF to get all of the fixes.

When installing the EBF on top of an existing installation on Linux (or any platform including Windows) you will need to stop all database servers (and any other software that is using the existing version) before applying the update. Note that on any of the Unix (including Linux) platforms you will not experience a "file in use" error when applying the update if a server is running at the time of the update (like you would on Windows) but doing so is not recommended - it could cause your running server to terminate abnormally.

If you do not want to shutdown your database server when applying the update then one alternative is to do the following:

  • copy the entire installation to another location - you can safely do this while your database server is running
  • change the sa_config.[c]sh file so that it points to the new location
  • source the new file so your current environment has the correct PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH using the new installation directory
  • apply the EBF to the new location
  • optional but recommended step: test your application using the new updated software (in the new location)
  • when you are able to shutdown your production server and switch to the new software, shutdown the server, and either (1) switch to the new location of the software or (2) rename the directories so that the old/existing installation contains the updated software (if you do the latter then make sure you update the sa_config.[c]sh files as well); and of course restart the database server and check the console log to ensure that you switched to using the new installed software.
  • when you are satisfied that all is well, you can delete the old software installation.


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answered 31 Jan '13, 18:13

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Mark Culp
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What about the "(SA components only)" EBF? Is there more information available what components are not included?

(01 Feb '13, 03:23) Volker Barth
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The "SA components only" EBFs only contain the database server and related client libraries and tools. There is no ML, UL, RS, etc in the SA components only EBF. If all you are using is the database server / client libraries then you can use an SA components only EBF to upgrade your software and the procedure that I have outlined can be used.

(02 Feb '13, 12:05) Mark Culp

I guess that would be worth mentioning in the according readme, wouldn't it (unless I have overseen that..).

(02 Feb '13, 13:46) Volker Barth
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