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Hi just wondering if there is any documented windows command line switches i can use with the exe to automate the initial install of asa17 (with key/company name/username/license count passed through via a script) as well as to automated install of future EBFs, preferring a quiet, background install called from a powershell script.

SA17010_Windows_6175_EBF.exe was the first installer i used when i moved to 17 (from 16) but have now downloaded SA17010_Windows_6230_EBF to use with new installations + to upgrade existing ones with

Anyone have any advice?

asked 25 Jan '21, 11:41

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Looking for "silent install" shows several questions here, I hope there are some that help, e.g. this one...- besides that, there's the Deployment Wizard if you want to customize installs.

(25 Jan '21, 11:47) Volker Barth

Thanks Volker. also found this article quite helpful with regards parameter documentation, all be it from an older version, if it helps anyone else :

(26 Jan '21, 05:16) manneym
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Does anyone know if the "licensed seats" value, that is editable during the UI install, can be entered via setup params or is this going to be a case of a manual dblic step after installation?

(26 Jan '21, 05:20) manneym

FWIW, for information on current and older SQL Anywhere versions, I would generally recommend the DCX site, which also links to the SAP Help Portal for v17.0... - AFAIK, the v16 and v17 docs also contain this topic.

(26 Jan '21, 05:23) Volker Barth
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