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I had no problems installing SQL Anywhere 16 build 2052 on a Windows 2003 server. However, when I try to upgrade to EBF 2270 I get the attached error. Has anyone come across this and is there a resolution? Our MIS team has not been able to help.

Thanks, Tom

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asked 27 Jun '16, 17:24

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Tom Rolseth
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What does the Windows Event Viewer show for this? Most likely the entry will show up in the System event log on that machine.

The biggest reason installations can fail could include: - failing to run with an Adminstrator account (admin. of the box) - the software being in use (though that is usually just a a problem for the running module) and system permissions and policies in general.

Do try this again from a CMD prompt that was ran as the Administrator. Also let us know a little more about the information you already have.

FWIW I can run that installer past the point where you get that exception so it would seem to be something unique to that machine. New/updated virus scanners maybe?

(28 Jun '16, 08:38) Nick Elson S...

Attached is the error from the event log. This installation is being done as part of the setup of a disaster recovery web server and it is not in use at the moment. So the software isn't running. I'm installing build 2270 so that the needed drivers are in place so that the web app can connection to the database running on a different server. MIS tried to run the install exe as admin with no success.

(28 Jun '16, 11:08) Tom Rolseth

alt text

(28 Jun '16, 11:08) Tom Rolseth

There would appear to be a problem with MsiInstaller and since we use MSIExec you might want to investigate that. One link that may help is and a clean install of that might be the place to go next (see the link to on the other page).


(28 Jun '16, 11:47) Nick Elson S...

Nick, since I have SQL Anywhere 16 build 2052 already installed is there any harm in using the drivers associated with that build when connecting to a database running build 2270? It seems to connect ok but not sure if there are other ramifications.

(28 Jun '16, 14:04) Tom Rolseth
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AFAIK, there's usually no problem when clients use a different version (even different major version) when connecting to a server. Basically, SQL Anywhere clients from v6 to v17 should be able to connect to a v16 server without problems. Apparently, older clients may miss some features (say, client plan caching, security, ...) but that should probably not affect a client against a server.

You may have a look at the newer EBF readme to find out whether there have been important fixes in the client-related aspects between those builds...

(04 Jul '16, 02:51) Volker Barth
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