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There is that new download "12.0.0 Documentation (English)" - released 23 Sep 2010 - on the Sybase download site.

(There are new German and French docs for SA 12, too, but I'm only refering to the English one.)

After I have downloaded and installed the new release, it seems the docs are still the same as in the GA release (available on SPDC) with files dated 17 Jun 2010. Additionally, the file version.txt in the "%SQLANY12%\Documentation\EN" path has the same contents as before:


So, it this just a re-package of the GA help, or has my re-install gone wrong? I have installed the setup on two different boxes with the same (non-)effect...

asked 05 Oct '10, 13:06

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Volker Barth
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The website does suggest that a new set of English docs is also available, but this is just a side effect of updating the site with the release of the new French and German docs. As you have discovered, the English docs are the same as in GA and no updates have actually been performed on them. I will see if we can get this extra bit of information put on the website.

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answered 05 Oct '10, 14:47

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Karim Khamis
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Thanks for the clarification - I think a note in the readme file would be sufficient (at least for me - I usually read this first before downloading...). And I would have ignored the doc update if not DBISQL's UpdateChecker had made me think there would be something new...

(05 Oct '10, 14:55) Volker Barth
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