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The SQL Anwywhere Update Service is listing the "Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3723" as available in an Ubuntu 12.04 (amd64) box.

When I check the Help-> About Sybase Central ( from the menu, all the installed components are listed as already updated to It seems that a module is not being recognized as up-to-date.

The Help->About that I ran from a 32-bit Ubuntu box that is also running EBF 3723 only shows documentation items ready to be updated which is correct.

Is there a way for me to log the status of the versions before reapplying EBF 3723 in the 64-bit box?

asked 01 Jun '12, 21:59

Derli%20Marcochi's gravatar image

Derli Marcochi
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You can run "dbversion" on the files in bin64 (and lib64) to see their file versions.

If you reapply the EBF and see the same behavior, please post the contents of the installed.ini in the root of your SA install. The installed.ini contains information about what versions the Update Checker client software thinks are installed, and it will help us diagnose the problem.

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answered 04 Jun '12, 09:35

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Dan Cummins
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Below are the results returned from dbversion on the the 64-bit box:

a.) in the bin64 folder
/opt/sqlanywhere12/bin64$ ./dbversion dbinfo
SQL Anywhere Version Diagnostic Utility Version
dbinfo: dbinfo GA 12 0 1 3457 linux 2011/09/30 14:56:45 posix 64 production

b.) in the lib64 folder
/opt/sqlanywhere12/bin64$ ./dbversion ../lib64/
SQL Anywhere Version Diagnostic Utility Version
../lib64/ GA 12 0 1 3723 linux 2012/04/21 03:31:41 posix 64 production

I confirmed that in Sybase Central all installed options are listed as 3723.

Below are the contents of the /opt/sqlanywhere12/installed.ini file:

[SQLAnywhere::DB32] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:DB v= os=LINUX_X86

[SQLAnywhere::DB64] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:DB v= os=LINUX_X64

[SQLAnywhere::DB64::CL] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:CL v= os=LINUX_X64

[SQLAnywhere::DB32::CL] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:CL v= os=LINUX_X86

[SQLAnywhere::DOC_EN] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:DOC_EN v= os=LINUX_X64

[SQLAnywhere::ML64] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:ML v= os=LINUX_X64

[SQLAnywhere::UL] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:UL v= os=LINUX_X86

[SQLAnywhere::AT32] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:AT v= os=LINUX_X86

[SQLAnywhere::SM] vendor=iAnywhere p=SA:SM v= os=LINUX_X86

(04 Jun '12, 18:17) Derli Marcochi

After reapplying the 3723 EBF, the SA Update service is no longer "finding" items to be updated (only documentation). It did somehow fixed my original issues. Thanks @Dan!

(05 Jun '12, 09:53) Derli Marcochi
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