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We have a sqla12 customer with a chip license. What is the most economical way that they can add an sqla12 test server--a server that will be used only occasionally, by one or two persons, just to test our software, before it is placed in production?

asked 25 Aug '11, 14:56

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Very open ended question...

Is the customer the developer of the software? If they already have SQL Anywhere in place there, is there any reason they can't start up a test database running on the same server their production database is running on?

If they're wanting to keep them seperate, what about the developer version of SQL Anywhere. It's free.

Maybe I'm not fully up to speed on what a "chip" license covers. Do you have any more details you can give us??


Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner
Nashville, TN

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answered 25 Aug '11, 17:45

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Jeff Gibson
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Hi Jeff, We developed the app running against their sqla12. The customer purchased the app and sqla12 from us. The safest path is to have production and test each on a separate box or vm. I think that your idea about using a developer license might work. Thanks, Doug

(25 Aug '11, 18:37) Doug
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