Hi all,

we develop and distribute a ERP Software, developed with Appeon Powerbuilder using SQL Anywhere 17 as database. An SAP representative told us "You are not allowed to sell/ distribute (SQL Anywhere) licenses after 31.12.25". At the moment we are planning to switch to postgres. Can anyone recommend a migration tool that also supports triggers and procedures? How do you deal with this problem?

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Volker Barth

Hi Andre - I wanted to make a comment regarding what you were told about license distribution beyond 2025. As Product Manager for SQL Anywhere, I have already been following up with the OEM team and they are now re-evaluating the situation. My hope is that they will be able to come up with a solution that will allow distribution of SQLA OEM licenses beyond 2025. Once there's some news on that front, I can post an update in the Community. Hopefully, any changes will be in alignment with your company's needs and allow you to avoid the efforts of migrating to another database solution. Stay tuned!
Regards Mike Paola

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Mike, I guess it would be helpful to state that on this question, too:

(Our company doesn't have an OEM agreement anymore, so we are not directly affected, but I guess forum users are eager to know about SQL Anywhere's general future, even if SAP is still evaluating OEM handling...)

(18 Jan, 10:00) Volker Barth

Hi Mike, thank you for your message. It would be great for us and all other users if we could continue with SQL Anywhere.

Regards, Andre

(18 Jan, 10:16) AndreMonz

Hi Volker - I can add that to the aforementioned thread as well.

(18 Jan, 10:22) MikePaola

Mike, that's encouraging to hear.

(27 Jan, 16:06) Justin Willey

We have thousands of clients, all using SQL Anywhere. Never got told nor in writing, that we could not sell anything after 31-12-2025! Who told you that? Where are the official documents? Yes, we do have (some!) direct contact with SAP, but were never given this information. This is the first time I actually see someone telling that even sails could stop at the end of 2025.

Why is SAP becomming so weird? Someone else at the top? Sailing another direction? What is going on!

If SAP is abandening SQL Anywhere completely, why not putting the source to public domain instead of forcing this upon so many users! (I think there are millions of users around the world!)

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answered 19 Jan, 02:10

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All i can say is, in a mail from mailto:OEMPARTNER@sap.com a Partner Support Specialist told us:

  1. Support ends on 31.12.2025. no access to support after this date.
  2. Your customers will have continued use of the licenses .You are not allowed to sell/ distribute licenses after 31.12.25.
  3. No continuation planned or successor.
  4. EOL for the product is 2027 but the program ends in 2025.
(19 Jan, 06:12) AndreMonz
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EOL for the product is 2027 but the program ends in 2025.

To clarify: Is that an EOL for "SQL Anywwhere" itself or for the current version 17 (not that I'm aware of plans for a further version, so the distinction might be moot - however, the EOL date for v17 has been enhanced several times in the past, and I expect that to continue...)

(19 Jan, 07:40) Volker Barth

Ah, this is presumably something else. We do not sell/distribute licenses, we have an OEM license and only pay for the number of users of that license. My guess is this is something else. I will forward this information to the board.

(19 Jan, 08:13) ArcoW

Please note that the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) reports the End of Mainstream Maintenance for SQL Anywhere 17.0 as 31.12.2028.

As Volker has noted, the EOMM has been extended several times as demonstrated by the extension from 2027 to 2028.

(19 Jan, 09:34) Chris Keating
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Not a migration tool, but at least a very good starting point:

Use the jOOQ Parser to translate any SQL statement(s) to a different dialect.

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answered 19 Jan, 09:21

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Very nice Tool, ty.

(22 Jan, 00:31) AndreMonz

Tried it, but to limited for us (eg. no mutex, functions nor procedures. It even doesn't recognise remarks)

(22 Jan, 01:57) ArcoW

Will SQL Anywhere continue to be available from the SAP online store?

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answered 21 Jan, 22:04

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Yes, SQL Anywhere continues to be available on the SAP Digital Store. Here's a link to the page: https://www.sap.com/products/technology-platform/sql-anywhere.html?

Regards, Mike Paola

(26 Jan, 15:22) MikePaola
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Thanks, Mike. Indeed I am aware SQL Anywhere is available on the SAP Digital Store. My questions was, is there an end date planned for this?

SQL Anywhere is incredible software that a lot of people have used for a long time and rely on. It's demise would have a big impact on them. Clearly SAP has bigger fish to fry, however I urge you to encourage the powers that be within SAP to find a way forward for SQL Anywhere, whether within SAP or elsewhere. SAP had no use for PowerBuilder, but found it a good home where it lives on and lives well. It does not create good will when you hurt companies outside of a competitive situation.

(26 Jan, 15:40) dharrel
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