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with the end of life for Sybase SQL Anywhere 17 next year 2025 has anyone got this on their agenda and have you found any solutions to speed up the migration or conversion of the DB to another database type?

What sort of effort is involved and how automated can we make it?

Many thanks for many help advice.


asked 17 Apr, 08:59

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Just FYI, the SAP Product Availability Matrix, as seen here shows that SAP SQL Anywhere 17 has an End of Mainstream Maintenance (EOMM) date of December 31, 2028, not 2025.

(17 Apr, 09:11) Reg Domaratzki
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Thats great news and are SAP still investing in the DB or is it going end of life?

(17 Apr, 10:30) ONQU Support

Many Thanks for the response

(17 Apr, 10:30) ONQU Support

@Reg, I'd really recommend that SQL Anywhere product management would speak up against those "SQL Anywhere is EOL'ed 2025" rumours much more active...(Yes, I'm aware that you are not part of product management.)

(17 Apr, 10:46) Volker Barth

This is a very frustrating topic with no clear and definitive answer. Based on my current understanding, the OEM agreement for SQL Anywhere is set to conclude by the end of 2025, thereby prohibiting the sale or distribution of SQL Anywhere bundled with our application thereafter. There are varying accounts regarding the maintenance timeline, with some indicating termination in 2028 and others suggesting an extension to 2029. Furthermore, there is speculation surrounding the availability of "retail" versions such as the Workgroup Edge edition post-2025, albeit lacking certainty. Clarification from SAP regarding their strategic direction for this product would be greatly beneficial, given its significant implications for numerous businesses.

(18 Apr, 06:40) rpeffers

I'll say it again, in case it helps: IF SAP's strategic direction does not include SQL Anywhere, or may result in dependent companies "left in the lurch" - SAP should consider passing SQL Anywhere to Appeon as they did with PowerBuilder. I'm sure Appeon would love to have it, would do a great job with it, and would ameliorate the "significant implications for numerous businesses" that rpeffers speaks of.

(19 Apr, 16:58) dharrel
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For those organisations exploring whether they can move away from SQL Anywhere before 2025/28 to another provider We have developed a migration framework/tool that automates the conversion process from SQL Anywhere to a third-party database. Clients are taking advantage of open source and no-SQL database conversions to reduce license and support costs whilst having the option to move to the Cloud with a lot less effort.

In our most recent pilot we performed a conversion and achieved 40% automation straight out of the box we then spent a couple of weeks adapting the machine learning to achieve 80%+ automation including stored procedures, views, schema etc

If you would like a demo or arrange for a call to discuss a POC please get in touch with ONQU Support at

To view the service in action please visit this Youtube link here SQL Anywhere Conversions

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answered 18 Apr, 10:25

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