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Since SQL Anywhere is EOL at the end of 2025, we got an official email about that, we are looking how to continue our software in 2026 and further. The biggest issue in our situation is that we use a lot of Stored Procedures.

Some questions:

Does anybody already migrate SQL Anywhere with Stored Procedures to another database provider?

Do you know good migration tools? I did have a look at, that looks ok. Anybody experiences whith that company?

What database provider(s) do you advice? PostgreSQL?

Tia Hans

asked 09 Dec '22, 03:15

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2025 or December 31, 2027? See the official SQL Anywhere information here

(09 Dec '22, 04:17) Ilia63

Just to add to the link posted by Illia:

AFAIK, the EOL date for v17 has been increased several times, possibly because no new majer version has been published...

In former times, a major version was usually supported until the second next version was released. That general rule won't work anymore, methinks.

@Mike Paola might tell more...

(09 Dec '22, 04:38) Volker Barth
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Hi all - the definitive source for EOMM dates is the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM). However, that requires an S-ID. For customers that don't have S-IDs, we decided to create that Wiki summary page - however, it should contain similar info - ie. they both indicate 12/31/2027 as the EOMM date for SQL Anywhere 17.

Now, I assume what prompted this thread is the recent communication that came out from SAP regarding the OEM program and options to extend to 12/31/2025. They outline various options available to OEMs beyond that date and also include an email address for questions - I would encourage anyone with questions/concerns to send their feedback to that email so that they are aware of your specific circumstances and can offer assistance.

Regards, Mike Paola

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answered 09 Dec '22, 09:58

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I sent an email to oempartner. I am very curious about there answer.

(09 Dec '22, 10:53) HansTSD

FWIW, I just read a "definition of an SAP EOMM" meaning by a former Sybase/SQL Anywhere team member, namely Robert Waywell. The question itself is focussed on SAP IQ but SAP IQ relies on SQL Anywhere itself, too. Robert declares that an EOMM is quite different from an EOL:

SAP IQ roadmap

As the question titel is plainly wrong, note, currently the EOMM for SQL Anywhere 17 is 2028-12-31, and that is NOT an EOL date.

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answered 13 May, 07:02

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Volker Barth
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The SAP e-mail is about stopping OEM On-premise support. Stopping maintenance and support per 31th december 2025. That date (2025) was in the link of the wiki in the past also. Now the wiki shows an EOL of the end of 2027. Is that wiki official information from SAP?

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answered 09 Dec '22, 04:54

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The mentioned information is linked via the SAP SQL Anywhere 17.0.1 Help, namely under the topic:

So it's official information. Note, the Support Page states:

"IMPORTANT: The information in this document is subject to change. Please read any notes pertaining to a specific operating system for more details. The ability for the SQL Anywhere engineering team to address issues on operating systems that are no longer supported by the O/S vendor may be limited.

That being said, for OEM terms I would address your OEM sales channel.

(09 Dec '22, 05:06) Volker Barth

SA17 is great, only we need be sure there will be updates in the future. Glad(!) te hear that we are save coming five years.

(09 Dec '22, 08:51) HansTSD

I have a question out with SAP about migration of support from OEM to non-OEM support. I'll let you know when I hear anything.

(09 Dec '22, 09:02) Justin Willey

We have developed a migration framework/tool that automates the conversion process from SQL Anywhere to a third-party database. Clients are taking advantage of open source and no-SQL database conversions to reduce license and support costs whilst having the option to move to the Cloud with a lot less effort.

In our most recent pilot we performed a conversion and achieved 40% automation straight out of the box we then spent a couple of weeks adapting the machine learning to achieve 80%+ automation including stored procedures, views, schema etc

If you would like a demo or arrange for a call to discuss a POC please get in touch with ONQU Support at

To view the service in action please visit this Youtube link here SQL Anywhere Conversions

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answered 18 Apr, 10:19

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ONQU Support
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