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Hi everyone,

Let's coordinate our response to the termination of the SAP OEM Partner Agreement.

Please fill out the following form:

Thanks, Huberz

asked 06 Oct '23, 10:48

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Have you been in contact with Mike Paola? - See his answer here.

FWIW, we do not have had an SAP OEM contract in the last decade, so I won't take part in that request - but I am surely interested in the outcame...

(10 Oct '23, 08:01) Volker Barth

Thanks, I'm familiar with that post and I've been in contact with representatives from SAP. So far, there has been no progress. The companies I know are still waiting to see if there will be a turnaround of some kind from SAP. If not, a high percentage of the 10 million SQL Anywhere seats have to migrate to another DBMS. And that IMHO is the end of SQL Anywhere. A lot of damage has been created and I still hope that we can find a solution.

(10 Oct '23, 14:23) HuberZ

Anything learned from your survey?

(17 Oct '23, 05:44) Martin
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@Martin: still waiting for more feedback.

(18 Oct '23, 08:37) HuberZ

Any news here?

(15 Nov '23, 03:14) Martin

Sorry I'm late to the thread here - but another question prompted me to add the following here: I wanted to make a comment regarding SQLA OEM license distribution beyond 2025. As Product Manager for SQL Anywhere, I have already been following up with the OEM team and they are now re-evaluating the situation. My hope is that they will be able to come up with a solution that will allow distribution of SQLA OEM licenses beyond 2025. Once there's some news on that front, I can post an update in the Community. Hopefully, any changes will be in alignment with the needs of our SQLA community and allow them to avoid the efforts of migrating to another database solution. Stay tuned! Regards Mike Paola

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answered 18 Jan, 10:24

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SAP has extended our existing OEM agreement until the end of 2025. After that, they informed us that they will no longer offer OEM agreements. I am aware of several companies that are affected. SAP is not providing any further information or explanation. So far, we have been unable to negotiate an alternative agreement.

The companies I have been in contact with are actively planning to migrate away from SQL Anywhere to PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

At the moment, I am trying to reach out to as many companies as possible to share information and agree on a strategy on how to tackle the situation.

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answered 09 Oct '23, 03:26

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Thanks. I cannot see our agreement (it's not registered in the SAP portal) so I have to wait till next week for more info about our agreement with SAP by our head development. I forwarded this information.

(09 Oct '23, 04:19) ArcoW

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far. Please do not hesitate to fill out the survey if you are affected by this change - we will keep your data confidential.

Let's open up the discussion here as well:

If you are using SQL Anywhere OEM licenses, have you had to sign the OEM Partner Agreement Extension Addendum as well?

What are your migration plans?

Do you have any experience with tools for migrating away from SQL Anywhere (e.g., pgloader)?

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answered 18 Oct '23, 02:55

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edited 18 Oct '23, 02:56

I'm getting a message in the portal:

Maintenance Terminated Entitled Only to License/Warranty Support Applications

Ayone knows if this is because of all the termination-warnings that SAP has started?

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answered 20 Nov '23, 03:03

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Just my 2 cents. The whole SQL Anywhere team should break off and become iAnywhere again. Then you can completely focus on the SQL Anywhere product line with SAP just taking a license fee. Those were the days with the iAnywhere Road show. New features coming out at a blistering pace. OEM license money pouring in.

Think it over Mike. :)

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answered 23 Jan, 16:20

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Jeff Gibson
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Can you explain this or point to some document? I have not seen any information about terminating OEM partner agreement

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answered 09 Oct '23, 01:56

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I wonder what Patterson Eaglesoft will do.

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answered 09 Oct '23, 13:04

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