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I installed SQL Anywhere 16 Developer and need to import almost 200 Tables originating in Microsoft Access. I have tried the following:

  1. Installed Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012
  2. Imported Access Tables into SQL Server
  3. Added SQL Server to ODBC Source Files (x86)
  4. Created a SQL Anywhere 16 connection / database
  5. Tried the Migration tool: Resulted in copying a bunch .sys and .dbo files that I did not recognize

Is there an easy way "import" tables into SQL Anywhere from MS SQL Server database? The migration tool is a little confusing and I am a "newbie" to writing source code.

In google searching, I see lots of information for importing from SQL Anywhere to SQL Server but not much on importing from SQL Server to SQL Anywhere. I need an easy solution so I can move on to other design & visual basic programming tasks.

asked 03 May '14, 16:45

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Breck Carter


Please tell us exactly what you mean by "Tried the Migration tool".

The Sybase Central - Tools - SQL Anywhere 16 - Migrate Database wizard does not create any ".sys and .dbo files", it creates and fills table in a SQL Anywhere 16 database...

Sybase Central - create and connect to a running SQL Anywhere 16 database

Tools - SQL Anywhere 16 - Migrate Database...

Create Remote Server Now...

(NOTE: the following uses SQL Server, but you can migrate directly from Access as well... just pick you poison from the list)

Connection information: DSN=MSSTEST;uid=sa;pwd=j68Fje9#fyu489

Create an external login...

Login name: sa

Password: j68Fje9#fyu489

The following SQL will be executed...



Select Tables - Add All >>

Which user do you want to own the migrated tables? DBA

(03 May '14, 20:03) Breck Carter

Thanks - I answered my own question (see above)

(03 May '14, 21:12) acuity

Thanks Breck,

I figured it out on my own after doing something else and letting my subconscious think about how to do it.

I used the Open ODBC Administrator to create an ODBC source file (64-Bit) pointing to the Access database I wanted to import into SQL Anywhere 16.

Then I used the Migration Wizard to connect to the Access ODBC source file and selected "all tables" - it worked great!

My last step was to delete all "Proxy" tables.

Bob Sheridan

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answered 03 May '14, 21:10

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