Good afternoon, tell me please! Where can I download sql anywhere build Thank!

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Breck Carter

You should post a new question rather than adding a comment to an old thread.

Go to
* Select Support Packages & Patches
* Select Achive by Alphabetical Index (A-Z)
* Select the S folder
* Select Sybase SQL Anywhere
* Select Earlier Versions
* Select Sy SQL Anywhere 10
* Locate Update of 10.0.1 to build 4310
(15 Feb '21, 08:54) Chris Keating
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Those instructions may be out of date; i.e., the string "Support Packages & Patches" does not appear on the page, and a login is required.

Also, it is unlikely that anyone with a valid licence for SQL Anywhere 10 but not version 17 will be able to download the 10.0.1.EBF; here is what they will probably see:

Go to
click on Software Downloads link
observe SAP ONE Support Launchpad (SAP ID Service) page appears
   Log On with E-Mail, ID, or Login Name
observe SAP Software Downloads page appears
click on > Archive by Alphabetical Index (A-Z) 
click on letter S
(15 Feb '21, 09:27) Breck Carter

Send me an email via google.

(15 Feb '21, 09:33) Breck Carter

Breck, can you please check this URL? /template/products/%20_APP=00200682500000001943 &_EVENT=DISPHIER&HEADER=Y&FUNCTIONBAR=N &EVENT=TREE&NE=NAVIGATE&ENR=67837800100900007516 &V=MAINT&TA=ARCHIVE

I see the old packages of SQL Anywhere. But they are so old, that my wife told me to take a vacuum cleaner immediately and clean my desk :(

(15 Feb '21, 12:00) Vlad

> I see the old packages of SQL Anywhere.

Perhaps you logged in with a user id that is currently registered as having an up-to-date support agreement for SQL Anywhere 17.

Try logging in with a valid SAP user id that is currently registered as owning a previous version, but not 17, which is what the OP likely has.

When I do that, I see NO DATA AVAILABLE

The rules have changed, doors have been closed, and SAP should acknowledge that in support documentation.

(15 Feb '21, 13:41) Breck Carter

> But they are so old

Not too old to be used productively in the real world :)

(15 Feb '21, 13:59) Breck Carter
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Breck Carter, excuse me, how can I contact you by mail?

I could not find this version of the program (

Thank you!

permanent link

answered 22 Apr '21, 11:01

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Simply check Breck's user information here.

(22 Apr '21, 12:38) Volker Barth
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