On a box with SQL Anywhere for Windows x86, the DBISQL Update Service shows the following recommendation to install EBF 3406:

alt text

However, currently there are two newer EBFs available (see below).

Wouldn't it be more reasonable to inform about the newest EBF (i.e. 3423)?

alt text

asked 06 Sep '11, 05:38

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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This is a great question. I never feel certain about which version to install at customer sites.

(14 Sep '11, 10:00) dejstone
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Neither do I - and the question "Should I apply a particular EBF?" is a far more complicated question, with different "right" answers for different situations, methinks:)

However, IMHO the Update Service simply announces but does not recommend newer EBFs. And it does not suggest to auto-install them, either. - In the end, it does not attempt to make a decision for the user, and that's alright with me.

(14 Sep '11, 11:54) Volker Barth

i thought it would only display the latest since the updates are cumulative but it doesn't seem to be the case here.

(04 Nov '11, 21:07) Derli Marcochi

Hi guys, We just fixed this updated the app. Build should be getting recommended now.

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answered 17 Nov '11, 15:47

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Dan Cummins
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edited 17 Nov '11, 16:12

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Mark Culp

What exactly app has been updated? The web app that tells what new EBFs do exist?

(17 Nov '11, 16:16) Volker Barth
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I would think it's that: I didn't change anything on my machine, but dbsupport /iu shows build 3484 as available.

(18 Nov '11, 04:10) Reimer Pods

Yes, for a current 3389 installation it does show 3484, as well - thanks for the fix!

(19 Nov '11, 16:40) Volker Barth

Maybe you could try again since the Check for Updates options seems to be up and running again.

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answered 07 Nov '11, 18:19

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Derli Marcochi
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Yes, it's running again, but now it lists

Express Bug Fix, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3457

though build 3484 is available, too. So the logic which EBF is "recommended" is still puzzling IMHO...

(The box has 3389 installed currently.)

(08 Nov '11, 02:44) Volker Barth
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Would it be possible that some updates have to be applied incrementally? I don't think that it would be the case but at least it would explain why we don't see 3484 available unless we have 3457 installed.

(15 Nov '11, 18:15) Derli Marcochi

No, That's not the case if you're at the latest major version (12.0.1) and even if you're not (12.0.0) then I'm sure it would show you the latest 12.0.1 update.

(15 Nov '11, 18:20) Daz Liquid

@Daz: ...nevertheless, it doesn't show the last one (at least it didn't on that day and before), haven't tested since then...

@Derli: No, EBFs are always said to be cumulative, so you should always be able to apply the latest EBF for your installed major version.

(15 Nov '11, 19:14) Volker Barth

@Volker, I wasn't suggesting it was doing that now :), just that if the update was working then they are 'cumulative'.

(16 Nov '11, 04:18) Daz Liquid
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