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It's been four months now since the last v16 update (2344: 1 Nov 2016), is there any news on the approximate date the next one is expected?

This seems a bigger gap in both time and build numbers (given that v16 must be on at least 2428) than was normal in recent years. We have things to deploy that we can't do until some recent bug fixes are included in a stable build.


asked 08 Mar '17, 09:20

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Justin Willey
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So you ask for the first v16 Surprise Package?

(08 Mar '17, 10:21) Volker Barth
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We are in the process of releasing 16.0 Build 2419. It should be available for download hopefully in the next day or two.

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answered 08 Mar '17, 13:08

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Chris Keating
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Justin Willey

That's great news - thanks.

(08 Mar '17, 13:09) Justin Willey
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This is STILL my favorite update meme :)

(09 Mar '17, 14:37) Breck Carter

This SP is now available for download.

(09 Mar '17, 16:53) Chris Keating

I know the feeling all too well - I find it can also apply when you try to resolve performance problems - you speed up the thing you are working on and twenty others then slow down :)

(10 Mar '17, 07:41) Justin Willey

Ahh - I spoke to soon and should have checked the build numbers. I'm waiting for something higher than 2428 which fixes my main problem.

(10 Mar '17, 12:15) Justin Willey
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