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I'm trying to update my developer edition to the latest version preferably 17.07.???? but when I use the update feature in SQL Central it takes me to this link

where the download link goes to this page which requires me to put in a userid and password. I've tried a few different SAP credentials but none work. All I really need is the UI for viewing the database (i'm not even updating the objects!) and the sale rep said the developer version is free. Sure enough when I went to the link she provided the email I received said:

“Note: There is no key required to install the SAP SQL Anywhere 17 Developer Edition”

So I am really mystified at this point what credentials are needed to update the distributed version of SQL Central to be able to view databases created with the version that is being distributed to OEM's ?

asked 19 Dec '17, 00:10

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Have you tried to download the newest developer edition?

(19 Dec '17, 08:35) Volker Barth

Yes, I downloaded the latest version and it essentially gave me the same version :-(

(20 Dec '17, 19:37) BetterIdeaGroup

So it seems then that only an old version ( of the "SQL Anywhere plugin for "SQL Central" developer tool is available "for free"? and that version isn't able to even view databases that have been upgraded past that? Did I get that right?

You might want to ask someone to look at the links from a "saless prospect" perspective since you drop us into an endless loop with no where to go. Consider that even the feedback link at

requires a login that obviously if you are a prospect, you don't have.

The link to request a userid:

Really is only for resetting a password. Trying to get a username gives you this error message:

The specified user ID, S_TESTUSERNAME, has incorrect syntax. Correct user IDs consist of the letter "S" followed by 10 digits. Please correct your entry or use the second request option. If in doubt, contact your super administrator.

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answered 02 Jan '18, 18:20

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Can't explain SAP's point of view on non-free SPs, apparently, as I am just another customer, however, can't you use your version of DBISQL to "view" those newer databases? DBISQL should not be limited to databases that were created with an older or same build...

(03 Jan '18, 04:46) Volker Barth

I have requested that the developer edition versions be updated. I will post when the updated software is available. We do refresh the developer edition periodically but it has been some time since the last refresh.

The issue that you are likely hitting is that the database file was created using version 17.0.6 or later. That is a file format that will not start on a database engine version prior to 17.0.6. This has nothing to do with SQL Central. If you run the database on a supported engine version, SQL Central 17.x should be able to connect to the database.

It might be that you can leverage the OEM software to host the database. This is subject to the licensing of the Developer Edition (i.e., not to be used for production environments) and the software which has embedded the OEM SQL Anywhere software.

(03 Jan '18, 11:00) Chris Keating

You will need to use your S-account credentials to access software downloads pages.

I am not sure why you get to an older release when you do a check for updates via SQL Central. When I run the check, it correctly determines I am using the latest release. Please note that once you are in the downloads location, you will not be taken directly to the most recent SP but rather the full list of platforms and then SPs. For Windows, the most recent as of this date is SQL Anywhere 17.0 SP0 PL27 Build 4103 (17.0.8).

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answered 19 Dec '17, 08:08

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Chris Keating
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I don't have S-account credentials, nor do I know what that means :-/

(20 Dec '17, 19:35) BetterIdeaGroup

Access to software updates is limited to environments where support plans are in place. The S-account credential is tied to the support plan.

(20 Dec '17, 21:13) Chris Keating

Results seem to vary: I'm using, the update check leads to a page showing 17.0.7 Build 3399 (and not 4103):

A click on the Download link shows a message, that the old application is no longer supported, and has a button to open the SAP Lauchpad. Once logged in there (using S-ID/password), all previous context is lost, so there's no chance to get to the requested download.

IMHO the update checker (or the respective page) has to be changed to account for the new structure.

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answered 19 Dec '17, 08:32

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Reimer Pods
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I believe that the link used is accessible internally. I will work to get this addressed as soon as possible.

(20 Dec '17, 21:19) Chris Keating

After getting the last post I decided to try TOAD and while setup was a pain, for the most part it worked well for many months. I have a new use case that caused me to want to look at this option again. Sadly I still am not able to get any traction with neither love or money. After my efforts trying to pay SAP, I really wonder how SAP stays in business. I initially contact them asking to buy a licence and they redirect me to a "free developer license" and once I determine I really need something more I'm still not able to convince these people to take my money and of course, the France based company won't pick up a phone and work it out.

----Quoted from an email response after trying to buy my way into using this product ------------------- Hi Ernest,

Unfortunately Novalys is an SAP revendor : we do not have access to the customer system. You need to contact your local vendor or SAP support center in order to get this information back.



ANY information that will solve this long standing issue would be appreciated.

p.s. I have paid for and host 3 other database engines on my machine and this is the only database engine that has been painful to acquire

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answered 16 Jul '18, 11:25

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So that link doesn't work for you to buy SQL Anywhere v17 in the SAP store?

SAP SQL Anywhere (v17)

(Note, I have never used that purchase channel myself, we have our sales reps. - And note, I certainly do agree that's at least rather difficult to buy SQL Anywhere licenses nowadays...)

(17 Jul '18, 07:50) Volker Barth

@Volker Barth YOU ARE THE MAN. Thank you. I wish one of the many people from SAP that I chatted with could have just given me that link, it would have saved soooooo much time.

(17 Jul '18, 13:31) BetterIdeaGroup
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Volker is indeed The Man.

I really wonder how SAP stays in business

By selling ERP and HANA.

(18 Jul '18, 16:44) Breck Carter
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