The check for updates is returning an error message ("could not check for updates").

I know the forum was down with the OpenID issues and it is back up again but the update service is not.

asked 19 Jul '12, 15:14

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Derli Marcochi
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edited 19 Jul '12, 15:15

Yes, sadly the check-for-updates and nexus (aka dbsupport) sites are down again due to cough more network changes that cough IT has been making :-( I'll post another response when the site is back up.

(20 Jul '12, 10:16) Mark Culp

Thanks for the info (the forum is very slow also today)!

(20 Jul '12, 12:47) Derli Marcochi

EBF # 3757 (Windows) and # 3759 (Linux) have been made available at

I just tried from Sybase Central though and the "Check for Updates" is still down (as of 07/26 9:30am CST).

(26 Jul '12, 10:30) Derli Marcochi

This service is still down - for good?

(17 Aug '12, 17:33) Derli Marcochi
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Yes, the service is still down. First there were several [cough] IT issues that needed to be diagnosed and resolved, and once they were fixed there was a hardware failure.... and now IT is working on rebuilding the system.

(17 Aug '12, 21:43) Mark Culp

...any chance IT could manage this via a cloud solution like SA OnDemand Edition? - No, no serious request:)

(18 Aug '12, 15:55) Volker Barth

Don't get me wrong, but the time unit seems wrong within that dialog - shouldn't it be dateformat = 'mm' instead of 'nn'? :)

DBISQL UC message

(22 Aug '12, 08:44) Volker Barth

I have EBF 3750 installed. The service is now showing "You are Up-To-Date" but 3769 is listed as available for XP workstations as of 08/14 at

(04 Sep '12, 12:06) Derli Marcochi
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The Check for Update seems to be up and running again.

permanent link

answered 19 Sep '12, 06:19

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Derli Marcochi
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...for a few days, methinks, and interestingly, when running on Windows, two days ago, it stilled recommended whereas today, it recommends the current EBF - although the latter has been release over a month ago.

So the service still seems not that reliable IMHO...

(19 Sep '12, 06:35) Volker Barth

I completely agree!

(19 Sep '12, 07:04) Derli Marcochi
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