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Hello Everyone,

I hope this question isn't too off topic. I apologize if it is.

I'm curious to know if the SQL Anywhere market has room for a dedicated query tool (i.e. a replacement for Interactive SQL). Being in the query tool market in the past, I know there are many options available. I'm not really aware of any that just focus on SQL Anywhere though (If there are, please let me know). Do you see any value in something like this?

Thanks for your help.

asked 10 Dec '15, 10:46

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Brad Wery
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Mark Culp

We have already developed our own tool ;-)

(11 Dec '15, 07:58) Martin

We use Synametric's WinSQL, lots of little goodies in the the pro version that make it a better tool for us than iSQL. The only drawback is that it's not as good at reporting lock condition if you try to modify a table or view. iSQL comes back immediately with 'Table locked by Mary'; WinSQL just waits for the lock to clear.

(11 Dec '15, 09:07) Bud Durland MRP

Thanks for the comments. A new tool called averSQL will be going live soon. I'll take a look at WinSQL to see what good things they have to offer.

(29 Dec '15, 15:46) Brad Wery
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