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SQL Anywhere 12/16

We license SQL Anywhere with paid support. One of our developers would like to download JConnect 7 as the version he's using now (version 4) does not support updating SQL Anywhere unsigned integers. I logged into the software download center but cannot seem to find it via a search. I do a search on the main site which takes me to a "Free Download Components/Third Party Terms and Conditions" page. I scroll down to the JConnect7 agreement which provides a 'link' to the download and I wind up back at the main site page. I'm literally going in circles here. Any ideas where I can download Jconnect7?

Thanks! Becky Snyder Bradley University

asked 23 Jan '15, 11:51

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Hm, have you seen that other FAQ?

jConnect / Software Developer Kit Download

(And even if so, I can't tell whether that would be of help to you as Thomas has obviously had a hard time to get the desired download...):

(23 Jan '15, 12:14) Volker Barth

Yes, I did, thanks. And yes, I think he's having the same issue. I thought I'd give it a go again on the forum - sorry if duplicated!

(23 Jan '15, 14:08) rsnyder

Hi Becky,

The ASE SDK is a free download from the SAP Store. See this KBA for more details:

2093510 - How to Download Free SDK for SAP ASE [Windows, Linux, Unix]

  1. Go to the SAP Store
  3. Download the ASE SDK from one of the links: alt text
permanent link

answered 23 Jan '15, 14:43

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Jeff Albion
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Just to clarify: Do both downloads contain the same version of jConnect?

Ah, I simply should have read the cited "How To" - according to that, they are different:

  • jConnect for JDBC 7.0 (in the ASE 15.7 SDK)
  • jConnect for JDBC 16.0 (in the ASE 16.0 SDK)
(26 Jan '15, 03:15) Volker Barth
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