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EXCELLENT! SAP has now folded SQLA into their product line. now takes me to SAP.

A "search" of the SAP website for the term "SQL Anywhere current release" offers me 915 results.

A "search" of the SAP website for the term "SQL Anywhere supported releases" offers me 1,470 results.

Perhaps the answer I am looking for is buried somewhere in that list, but since the first MANY pages are unrelated videos and 'success stories", I gave up trying to find what I wanted to know.

Congratulations SAP on burying SQL Anywhere.


asked 13 Feb '13, 18:56

Bill%20Aumen's gravatar image

Bill Aumen
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Interesting enough, that the following "Database Solutions" page files SQL Anyhwere under "Mobile Data Management" only - e.g. the "Embedded Database Management" lists Advantage Server...


(14 Feb '13, 04:12) Volker Barth

Just an FYI Volker - we are working on getting SQL Anywhere added to the embedded database management list. Thats all I can say without going on a full-fledged rant :)

(14 Feb '13, 09:49) Jason Hinspe...

Hmmm, thank you for your feedback. I don't know why your search is not coming up with the answer (I tried a number of other searches and didn't get the right answer either). I'll make sure that someone takes a look at this issue and tries to improve it.

In the meantime, you can find the SQL Anywhere Platform Support Matrix - which includes the information that you are looking for: the current release - at I'm not sure if this page has been moved/copied over to the SAP website yet... but I would expect it to get there "soon" (if it isn't there yet).

permanent link

answered 13 Feb '13, 19:37

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Mark Culp
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Thanks Mark!

(13 Feb '13, 19:42) Bill Aumen

The SAP Community Network aka SCN is where I found this link:

SCN contains a lot of interesting stuff and some more marketing thingies. The links to the videos on Youtube I've never seen before, looks like they've been added recently.

(14 Feb '13, 04:16) Reimer Pods

All technical information about SQL Anywhere is found in the SAP Community Network:

We've began to migrate content there, so you'll find documents such as the supported platforms matrix (the link that Reimer mentioned), whitepapers, etc.

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answered 14 Feb '13, 09:36

Jos%C3%A9%20Ramos's gravatar image

José Ramos
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Hm, unfortunately, the "Goto: Discussion (Forum)" link there does not take one to this great forum here...

What am I to think about that?

(14 Feb '13, 09:47) Volker Barth

The best starting point for SQL Anywhere information on the SAP web site is

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answered 14 Feb '13, 09:30

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Tom Slee
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