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Hi guys, need your help with this memory leak issue using dbsrv9. I have set a -c 64m and -ch 128m to limit the memory usage but the -c and -ch option is not working. In fact, it is now at 1 gb and increasing.

Hope you can give me some ideas, i have been struggling to solve this for almost amount now.


asked 21 Jul '12, 23:44

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Daz Liquid

What is the build number? SELECT @@VERSION

Exactly where do you see the "1 gb" number?

What does this query return? SELECT PROPERTY ( 'CurrentCacheSize' ), PROPERTY ( 'MaxCacheSize' );

Please show us the exact command line that launches dbsrv9.exe.

(22 Jul '12, 07:06) Breck Carter

Thank you for your reply.

Actually i have no idea about sybase database. I am just wondering if you have answers with Symantec embedded database issue (Adaptive server anywhere), which we think has memory leak.

Exactly where do you see the "1 gb" number? - It is the memory usage listed under task manager

Please show us the exact command line that launches dbsrv9.exe. - I did not launch the command, it is pre configured by symantec application and listed under registry settings. Please see below info

-c 64m -ch 64m -gp 8192 -gc 30 -gr 30 -o "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Protection Center\db\out.log" -oe "C:\Program Files\SymantecSymantec Protection Center\db\err.log" -os 1m -gn 80 -n Win2k8 "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Protection Center\db\sem5.db" -n sem5 -sb 0 -x tcpip(localonly=yes;port=2638)

Hope you can give me some answers.


(22 Jul '12, 08:54) xbrandon
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Your best hope is to call Symantec tech support for the product that using the database.

You could also try calling Sybase tech support:

(22 Jul '12, 17:24) Breck Carter

Breck was correct in his first recommendation: contact Symantec Technical Support ( ). They are responsible for the application itself, it's supported versions, and your specific environment configuration.

Symantec is a partner of Sybase.

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answered 23 Jul '12, 12:34

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