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Sorry to start with some kind of criticism when dealing with brand-new v17... - but the really impressive whole bunch of new features (*) makes it difficult to find out what behaviour changes are relevant for existing applications.

AFAIK, all older versions had separate "Behavior Changes" and "Deprecated and removed features" pages (although it might sometimes be debatable if some feature is new or changed...), and we are too used to recommend "read all those pages when upgrading from an older version".

In contrast, the v17 "SQL Anywhere - Changes and Upgrading" book does not contain those different topics, and enhancements and changes seem to be listed somewhat mixed, which makes it harder to tell one from another.

Why is that?

(*) - That impression is partially due to the lack of published beta versions, isn't it?

asked 21 Jul '15, 10:57

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Volker Barth
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Wow, reading through the "What's New" lists, I think I have a series of deja-vus based on discussions and enhancement requests from this forum - might be much (but worthwhile) work to add "That is solved with v17" comments to those...

(21 Jul '15, 11:09) Volker Barth
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Yes, we did try to include many new features and changes that were suggested on this forum (either directly or indirectly by asking questions). Thanks again to all those developers that have made suggestions!

(21 Jul '15, 13:30) Mark Culp

Each of the "What's New" and "Changes to..." topics contain a section titled "Behavior changes and deprecated or removed features". Here is the link to the "Changes to SQL statements, function, procedures, and data types" topic. Scroll down about half way to see the section.

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answered 21 Jul '15, 11:12

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Chris Kleisath
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Volker Barth

Ah, OK, I have overseen overlooked that. So they are still there but no longer as separate pages (which is a disadvantage particular for the very long list for the SQL Anywhere Server) and harder to link to...

Thanks to Breck for helping to improve my English:)

(21 Jul '15, 11:22) Volker Barth

Ironically, we grouped the behavior changes with the "What's New" and "Changes to" because we were trying to make it easier for users. We'd received feedback that users preferred to review/print fewer pages :)

(24 Jul '15, 08:13) kwringe
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> fewer pages

The What's new in version 12.0.0 - SQL Anywhere behavior changes section is one single topic, 4 pages on the printer.

The Version 17 Behavior changes and deprecated or removed features sections are spread across... how many topics?

Wait, I'm still counting... :)

(24 Jul '15, 09:40) Breck Carter

Just to add:

As of the v17.0.4 release, the doc set has been updated, according to Jack's comment (*), and now the "SQL Anywhere Server" topic has

(The other main topics like MobiLink and UltraLite don't have such sub-topics but that's ok with me, as their lists are way shorter.)

Thanks for listening:)

(*) - And that may explain why I could not find my older DCX comments:)

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answered 13 Jun '16, 04:04

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Volker Barth
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