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The SAP Help Portal - SAP SQL Anywhere seems to contain the same content; for example, CREATE EVENT.


(1) The following exact Google search finds both DCX and SAP Help Portal pages:

"only the database that is running on the primary server executes the event"

(2) The SAP Help Portal does not seem to display the version number, although "17.0" appears in the URL.

(3) The SAP Help Portal does not seem to allow V16 material to be displayed.

(4) The SAP Help Portal is quite pretty.

asked 09 May '17, 14:53

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Breck Carter
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edited 09 May '17, 15:45

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Volker Barth

Wasn't aware of that, but I'd certainly prefer DCX with its online comment facility (and the existing comments...)

(09 May '17, 15:46) Volker Barth
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If you want a laugh, have a look at the edit history for this question. AFAIK Mark edited the question to remove offensive content, and I edited the question to remove the false claim that DCX was down, and the result was that the CREATE EVENT link disappeared.

I don't think this forum software works well when multiple users update the same content at the same time... you get what you pay for when you use free software :)

Anyway, YOU came along and added another link... was it possible you did not see the existing link because I was still flailing away trying to restore it?

That makes it even funnier... three people colliding :)

(09 May '17, 15:53) Breck Carter

Yeah, funny story, so there's a check-out/check-in (or do I hear: locking scheme?) missing?

I'm glad the link to the meme is still accessable:)

But honestly, when I want a laugh, I usually stop by at the SCN SAP Community Coffee Corner - way more chances to laugh about that huge user experience lab...

(09 May '17, 15:58) Volker Barth

I cannot use DCX on my phone. The scroll bar has been always reset when I touch the text area. I wanted to debug this, but I am lazy
I like DCX, because it is small and neat. Comments are always helpful. I have already written few.

(10 May '17, 03:13) Vlad

I know of no plans to replace DCX with another location. The documentation may show up in other locations such as the SAP Help Portal but AFAIK DCX will continue to contain the SQL Anywhere documentation.

FWIW: DCX is still down and SAP IT is working on restoring the system. This forum (and a number of other SQLA related sites) were also down since 8am (EDT) Monday. IT has been working through the issues to get systems back up. At this time I do not know when DCX will be restored. I'll update this info when it is up.

[EDIT: Looks like DCX was back up around 11:14 EDT this morning]

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answered 09 May '17, 15:53

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Mark Culp
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edited 09 May '17, 16:17


Mark, I don't want to sound bold, but as we discuss HA features here, isn't this site somehow "mirrored" (or "virtualized" and can be "moved around")? - I know it's probably not a critical resource for SAP but we felt rather disconnected the last hours...

(09 May '17, 16:01) Volker Barth
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Mark, try restarting your browser, that made DCX work again for me, and a customer reports it is up.

(09 May '17, 16:12) Breck Carter
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DCX will continue

That is good news, especially since the SAP Help Portal is of no use to clients using SQL Anywhere 16 and earlier (which is the vast majority, AFAIK).

(09 May '17, 16:15) Breck Carter
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isn't this site somehow "mirrored"

The shoemaker's children go barefoot :)

(09 May '17, 16:22) Breck Carter

FWIW, I had DCX during the day (UTC+2), so I thought it had been down just currently...

(09 May '17, 16:24) Volker Barth

So I guess DCX was down, and when it came back up, a Chrome restart was required for me to get past the "connection refused" error... even a cow knows!

(09 May '17, 16:39) Breck Carter

The search in DCX is quite good. I think.

(10 May '17, 03:17) Vlad
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For the latest information about SQL Anywhere 17, visit the SAP Help Portal. For earlier and translated versions of the documentation, use DCX.

Did you know that you can leave feedback on the SQL Anywhere documentation on the Help Portal?

  1. On any topic, click Yes or No on the Feedback pane to specify whether the topic was helpful, and then use the text box to provide suggestions and corrections to improve the documentation for all users in future releases.
  2. Click Submit.

The SQL Anywhere documentation team appreciates you taking the time to share your comments.

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answered 01 Mar '18, 15:13

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Dove Champagne
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