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Where is the current "official" SQL Anywhere 17 documentation hosted?

I would prefer the first one because of all the older documentations and the comment facility. But it seems that the later is more up-to-date, because w.r.t. support packages,


the second is apparently newer.

Is there a general decision to focus on SAP Help Portal?

(FWIW, the later is also more appropriate on mobile devices where DCX just s.cks...)

asked 10 Nov '17, 13:00

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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I like DCX because of comments.

(11 Nov '17, 06:33) Vlad
(11 Nov '17, 08:52) Volker Barth

Volker, finally I have decided to figure out why DCX doesn't work on mobile devices.

It seems that the issue is caused by GWT (the framework that is used for this web site). The code is very minified and "encrypted", it was hard to understand what is going wrong.

GWT (2.6.0 - quite old version. the new one is 2.8.2) subscribes to all events that might occur (in our case this is gesturestart and gesturend). When the user scrolls the iframe, some internal veriables get "undefined" and fail.

I do not know the solution instead of not using the mobile device at all, but I guess this is nothing we can do with it. It is funny, if I put the breakpoint in JavaScript and do not allow the browser to rethrow the exception, the device is able to scroll the content further.

I am afraid we have to use the new web site :( I will be missing DCX.

(12 Nov '17, 06:03) Vlad
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o-o-o-oh :(

The chapters are organized in a different order than in the old web site. Some of them were renamed. E.g. I like "dashes" in the chapter name. E.g.

"MobiLink Getting Started"  instead of "MobiLink - Getting Started"
"SQL Anywhere Introduction" instead of "SQL Anywhere - Introduction"

Chapters have a different grouping and sorting order. E.g. it looks funny to me, when SQL Anywhere has MobiLink on the first place in "Getting Started". Or why "SQL Anywhere Server - SQL Usage" is so far from the "SQL Anywhere Server - SQL Reference".

(12 Nov '17, 06:10) Vlad

The priority on MobiLink might be due to the fact that ML in its HANA Remote Sync variant is part of the HANA cosmos...

(12 Nov '17, 09:36) Volker Barth

hm... I disagree. The help is related to SA. The important order for me is:
- what's new
- what SA is
- installation guide
- development (tutorials + sql reference)
- administration/performance/other stuff.

(12 Nov '17, 17:33) Vlad

To clarify: My last comment did not state my own preferences but contained my guess why SAP might be using a different doc order within the Help Portal...

Personally, I like the original doc order within DCX (identical to the local help which I usually use for performance reasons...).

(14 Nov '17, 03:28) Volker Barth
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For the latest information about SQL Anywhere 17, visit the SAP Help Portal. For earlier and translated versions of the documentation, use DCX.

Did you know that you can leave feedback on the SQL Anywhere documentation on the Help Portal?

  1. On any topic, click Yes or No on the Feedback pane to specify whether the topic was helpful, and then use the text box to provide suggestions and corrections to improve the documentation for all users in future releases.
  2. Click Submit.

The SQL Anywhere documentation team appreciates you taking the time to share your comments.

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answered 01 Mar '18, 15:12

Dove%20Champagne's gravatar image

Dove Champagne
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Oh. I am glad somebody is reading the comments. I am trying to improve the documentation for HANA (development), and it seems my requests are ignored. Unfortunately there is no feedback on your feedback, as it existed in I forgot who, but somebody even replied to my comments.

(01 Mar '18, 15:16) Vlad

Unfortunately, we do not yet have the ability to see and reply to comments on the Help Portal, but, rest assured, we do read the feedback and incorporate it into the documentation.

(01 Mar '18, 15:25) Dove Champagne

> visit the SAP Help Portal makes me want to write another book :)

(01 Mar '18, 16:26) Breck Carter

Dove, does that mean comments are no more desired on DCX?

Frankly, my personal experience with the SAP Community has been rather disappointing after the relaunch October 2016, and it is still work in progress.. So I would surely prefer the working DCX pages...

(01 Mar '18, 16:50) Volker Barth

Comments are still welcome on DCX. We monitor them and incorporate the feedback into the documentation. There are topics on DCX that are out of date, though, and topics on the Help Portal that don't exist on DCX.

(02 Mar '18, 09:54) Dove Champagne

The latest updates for 17.0.8 are available on the Help Portal. There is a link at the top of the DCX home page indicating this and that takes users to the Help Portal.

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answered 11 Nov '17, 09:35

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Mark Culp
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Mark, well, that's my basic question: Does it mean the DCX site will fall behind in course of the time?

As Vlad has pointed out, the v17 doc set seems to be different on both platforms, so it's somewhat unclear which one should be preferred...

(12 Nov '17, 09:42) Volker Barth
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Mark, a clearer statement would be appreciated...:)

(25 Nov '17, 06:47) Volker Barth

FWIW, the SQL Anywhere doc set on the SAP Help Portal has another "What's New" section for the minor version 17.0.9:

Upgrading to SQL Anywhere 17.0 Support Package PL29 Build 4793

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answered 18 Apr '18, 03:56

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 18 Apr '18, 03:57

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