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I'd like to add a comment on DCX, which I have not done for a while.

Previously, I could use my MySybase credentials to do so. That does not seem to work anymore.

When I'm using my SCN credentials, I'm told by the "SAP ID Service" they are accepted:

"You have now been authenticated. Your request has been forwarded to the target system for processing."

That looks fine to me but when redirected to DCX, I still are not logged in - or at least I still cannot add a comment, and the "Login" button is still shown, and when using it a second time, the SAP ID Service does not ask for credentials but tells me the same message again...

What do I have to do now?

asked 01 May '15, 07:06

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 01 May '15, 07:09

OK, after Mark has noted that the DCX URL should be, not, I guess the mystery has cleared up:

I had used the sybase URL to login in (just because I had stored this link) and was re-directed to the same site but apparently was logged in at the SAP site - and I still am (and so I am able to comment there). That behaviour is astonishing at least:)

I'm gonna update my DCX links - however, if the Sybase-hosted DCX should not be used anymore, please tell us so...

Just more on this issue:

  • If I use the DCX links from the v12.0.1 and v16 documentation menues, I'm directed to the SAP-hosted DCX (I guess that was a behaviour change introduced in a newer EBF).
  • However, if I use the local help and then follow its DCX link on the page footer, it still links to a page on the Sybase-hosted DCX. - And frankly, that's what I mostly use (often in order to copy those links as part of my contributions here).

So the DCX URL situation seems somewhat unclear to me...

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answered 05 May '15, 03:08

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 05 May '15, 03:51

Just as a suggestion:

Given the fact that currently both DCX-sites are available and that the Sybase-hosted DCX may be necessary for the links from the local help (in case a redirection is not possible), it would be nice if a login attempt at the Sybase-hosted DCX would be directed to the SAP-hosted site. (So I would not have noticed that there are indeed two different sites...)

(06 May '15, 03:59) Volker Barth

Hi Volker,

As far as the DCX server is concerned, you were logged in at 2015-05-01 06:57:30.745000 east time. However for the DCX client to be aware of that, a cookie needs to be set. I am suspecting your machine does not allow setting cookies. Could you please check? Also, are you able to login on a different machine or using a different browser?

Kind regards, Shengyu

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answered 01 May '15, 11:02

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I find I have a similar problem with IE10 myself. I have found that going to FireFox/Mozilla will work for me on the same machine. Chrome may work too ... but I haven't tested that today.

In fact this is the second posting today that I had to do that for ...

(01 May '15, 11:18) Nick Elson S...

I don't think I have disabled cookies within Firefox. I'm going to try on a different machine after the weekend...

(02 May '15, 06:26) Volker Barth
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I have tried on a different machine both with FF and IE (and had certainly not disabled cookies). Nevertheless the behaviour remains the same: I get the cited response from the SAP ID Service, but do not get logged in in DCX.

Any further hints are appreciated...

(04 May '15, 06:01) Volker Barth

I noticed the same behavior. Cookies are explicitly allowed for, so that's not the reason.

(04 May '15, 07:43) Reimer Pods
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Which makes the "X" in "DocCommentXchange" somewhat difficult:)

(04 May '15, 08:22) Volker Barth

Can you add http://* and https://* to your trusted site and try again in IE?

(04 May '15, 10:00) sbao

Well, I certainly do not like to have to add sites to those (especially for those not using https...) - but even if I do, the behaviour seems to remain unchanged, so I'm stuck with that.

(04 May '15, 10:40) Volker Barth

Reimer: Note that DCX is hosted by now, not! So allowing will not be relevant.

(04 May '15, 13:15) Mark Culp

Well, I guess Reimer sees the same URL as me:


So are we using an existing but old link?

FWIW, it shows the same current comments as the site, so are these URLs just mirrored?

(04 May '15, 15:41) Volker Barth

Using instead of fixed ist. Thanks, Volker, for pointing out the difference.

(05 May '15, 09:09) Reimer Pods
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