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(besides taking part in the Nagano beta, obviously...)

asked 04 Mar '13, 09:49

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Volker Barth
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Well, the docs are available online now on DCX:

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0

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answered 04 Mar '13, 09:50

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Volker Barth
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You could also register and attend my webcast on Wednesday :)
Data Management Features in SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0

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answered 04 Mar '13, 10:53

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Jason Hinspe...
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@Jason: Has there been an official announcement for that webcast? (If so, I've missed it...)

(04 Mar '13, 17:29) Volker Barth
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@Volker: No, you didn't miss it... you read Jason's reply above, this is SQL Anywhere, an SAP Stealth Product ®

(05 Mar '13, 09:20) Breck Carter

A sad story, yes.

(05 Mar '13, 10:07) Volker Barth

Maybe they sent you a mail, but it got SAPped on the way ;-)

(05 Mar '13, 10:09) Reimer Pods

@Jason: Unfortunately, I missed the webcast yesterday. Has it been recorded and will it be available later (and if so, how will I get to know that)?

(07 Mar '13, 12:51) Volker Barth
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Guess I better send kudos to my Sybase (er I guess SAP) rep, Rachel Holt, as she did have me on her email list to send an announcement of Jason's webcast.

(07 Mar '13, 16:50) Bill Aumen
(11 Mar '13, 10:20) Jason Hinspe...
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Here is another email I just received from Rachel: In case you missed the webcast on Wednesday, here is the link to the recording: link text

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answered 08 Mar '13, 12:12

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Bill Aumen
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edited 08 Mar '13, 12:12


Great, Bill - that's what I'm looking for... many thanks!

Though I have the somewhat strange impression that us customers have to help each other with official information when this should be available via "official channels" ...

SQL Anywhere Product Management, do you hear me?

I don't prefer "stealth" and "insible" when it comes to information about a new database version - even for an product labelled as "embedded database".

(08 Mar '13, 13:09) Volker Barth
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