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A slight issue: That's possibly the same problem as described here in an unanswered FAQ from 2010:

I have installed the latest 12.0.1 EBF on my box (Windows Nevertheless, each day I start DBISQL, I get reminded of new updates:

alt text

but there are none...

According to that older FAQ, this seems to be related to the docs. While I'm not interested in non-English doc sets, it seems the Update Checker has the impression my English doc set is too old, as it displays the following text:

Dokumentationshinweis (englisch)
Download 12.0.1 Build 20120920

However, if I follow the link, I'm referred to the old Sybase EBF page, and there is no 12.0.1 doc set available at all.

No problem, as I'm sure the installed set is still up-to-date, the according download is from October 2012. The version.txt itself tells "version=" but AFAIK the English doc set has not been changed between that version and 20120920.

So how can I prevent that rather annoying notification? Do I have to modify the version.txt file?

asked 26 Sep '14, 08:16

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Volker Barth
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FWIW, I've just checked that the according setup from 2012-09-20 does tell "version=" in its version.txt file, so re-installing that setup won't change the situation, which does not come as a surprise...

(26 Sep '14, 08:31) Volker Barth
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