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For Version and all subsequent versions, unless a "behavior change" is documented, is it safe to assume that CONNECTION_PROPERTY ( 'Name' ) evaluated inside an event will always return the event name as defined by the CREATE EVENT statement?

I want to write the following...

   if another invocation of this event is already running
   then quit this invocation of the event;

and I plan to query sa_conn_info() to do that.

asked 14 Oct '10, 17:20

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Breck Carter
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good question! I've got a handful of things that could really benefit from this.

(14 Oct '10, 23:16) Ron Hiner

Not really an answer, but I use following on V10:

ALTER FUNCTION "DBA"."EventIsRunning"() RETURNS INTEGER DETERMINISTIC BEGIN DECLARE @active_events integer ; -- SELECT event_parameter('NumActive') INTO @active_events ; -- if @active_events > 1 then Return 1 -- another instance of this event is already running end if ; -- RETURN 0 -- this is the only running instance of this event END

(15 Oct '10, 11:03) Dmitri
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@Dmitri: I guess that's one of the best of those "not really answers" around here:)

(15 Oct '10, 14:41) Volker Barth

@Dmtri: Shouldn't that function be NOT DETERMINSTIC? - IMHO, separate runs may give different results though the (empty) parameter list remains unchanged.

(18 Oct '10, 07:18) Volker Barth

Well, maybe... but TBH I don't expect it to be called multilple times within single query.

(19 Oct '10, 11:11) Dmitri

The value of connection_property('Name',number) for an event will be the name of the event; however, there is nothing preventing a normal connection from using the same name. The value of connection_property('EventName',number) is also the name of the event, but will be NULL for non-event connections. If this is the only property you are going to be using, sa_conn_list() is a more efficient way to get a list of connections. sa_conn_list was added in version 10. To limit the number of instances of an event that are active, checking the value of event_parameter('NumActive') within the event is the simplest approach.

permanent link

answered 15 Oct '10, 13:25

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Bruce Hay
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Question: So when did NumActive get added to SQL Anywhere? Answer: It's been there since Day One, when CREATE EVENT was added in Version 7. Yikes! Maybe it's time for me to take a course on SQL Anywhere, maybe get Dmitri to teach it.

(15 Oct '10, 13:57) Breck Carter

I would sign up for that.

(15 Oct '10, 14:17) Siger Matt

@Breck: To make it even more "embarassing", there' s even a sample with NumActive in the docs, cf. - Double-Yikes!!

(15 Oct '10, 14:39) Volker Barth

It gets worse... not only have I not taken a course, or read the Help since Version 6, but apparently I don't even read this website:

(16 Oct '10, 09:54) Breck Carter

@Volker: At this point I may not be the right person to suggest the Help get changed, but the statement IF EVENT_PARAMETER( 'NumActive' ) = 1 THEN creeps me out because it is relying on an implicit data conversion... EVENT_PARAMETER returns VARCHAR. Such implicit conversions are not as well documented in SQL Anywhere as they are in, say PL/I (the Father Of All Implicit Type Conversions)... and even with PL/I wizened pros learned to be explicit about all such conversions.

(16 Oct '10, 10:01) Breck Carter

Correction: When I said I have "not read the Help since Version 6" I mean cover-to-cover, end-to-end, in one swell foop, er, fell swoop. I read the Help every day, but just individual topics.

(16 Oct '10, 10:08) Breck Carter

@Breck: I would not expect anyone (well, except the doc team) to have read the help completely for current versions... I remember to have read the v5.5 docs (nearly) from page to page, but nowadays - that's way too much stuff, I guess. - Another question to come: "What is the most important SQL Anywhere feature you wish you had noticed when it was introduced and not n years later?"

(16 Oct '10, 17:46) Volker Barth
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