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Note: I'm bringing up something that was a complete surprise to me - and still is buried deep inside a comment thread on this FAQ...

asked 10 Mar '12, 16:18

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Volker Barth
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Yes, there is, but as SQL Anywhere is well-known for its "invisibility", the magazine seems to share that attribute as well:)

However, Breck has recently published the details in his great blog (and I have the impression the cited FAQ might have had an influence):

The SQL Anywhere Insider Magazine

So a big thanks both to Breck and to Jeff Albion for letting us know:)

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answered 10 Mar '12, 16:22

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Volker Barth
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I have the impression the cited FAQ might have had an influence

Of course it had an influence... If Jeff hadn't mentioned it, I never would have known about it... this is where I get half the material for the blog... :)

(10 Mar '12, 17:40) Breck Carter
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It is so invisible, that even on the Sybase Website you can find it only by using the search box.

(12 Mar '12, 03:29) Martin
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@Breck: I'd thought the information hadn't just make it over the Atlantic - but if even you weren't aware of that magazine, well that looks like better stealth than a B-2 Spirit could achive...

(No, that's not my kind of business:)

(12 Mar '12, 04:20) Volker Barth

Yes, Google was necessary in order to find all the issues... am I the only one who finds all this stealth rather demoralizing?

(12 Mar '12, 09:11) Breck Carter

No, me too:)

And that's much more "embedded/invisible" than seems useful.

In the end, it's not that easy to become an "Insider"...

(12 Mar '12, 10:20) Volker Barth

To add:

I'd would be glad if I could add the "vendor-announcement" tag to this question, but it would require that brand new particular variant: "community-instead-of-vendor-announcement"...

(12 Mar '12, 10:51) Volker Barth

Thanks for the feedback Volker. We have now performed an update to the website so that customers can better locate the "SQL INSIDER" documents now.


They can also now be searched via as "Technical Content" and can be found underneath the sub-category "Troubleshooting".

We're still working on making these articles more visible on the SQL Anywhere product page. Thanks again.

(16 Apr '12, 16:23) Jeff Albion
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@Jeff: Will this journal be continued? - I'm asking as the last listed article is from August 2012...

Or is this journal released somewhere within SCN or other SAP websites?

(06 Jun '13, 03:03) Volker Barth

Hi Volker - thanks for your question. As part of the writing and editing team for those articles, I feel I should comment.

The SQL INSIDER has essentially been "paused" as we have been refocused on moving content over to (as the main note on also informs us).

We as a group have been trying to do this in a manual and co-ordinated fashion and much of the lapsed time has been getting the new SQL Anywhere publishing areas set up, and becoming familiar with the SAP publishing process (which is certainly new to us).

The good news is that we are largely finished these projects and are planning a resurgence of 'SQL INSIDER'-like articles and blogs as we post more and more content to the new SCN SQL Anywhere community. There is also a new WIKI project planned.

The only factor now is time and effort - we are planning to have both migrated (and refreshed) articles from and new articles posted soon.

Keep watching the new SCN space for details as new content is released.

(06 Jun '13, 11:44) Jeff Albion

Thanks, that looks promising (unless the SCN peculiarities prevent me from finding those coming articles...)

FWIW, I still miss Glenn's great articles on new features and the like - it's not only this forum here that lacks his profound knowlegde and ability to explain complex problems... Sigh. - I still hope other experts from the query team like Ivan can fill this now and then...

(06 Jun '13, 12:40) Volker Barth

@Jeff: Sorry if I seem to hesitate to relate "promising" and "SCN community" - but that's just the way it feels for me now:(

(06 Jun '13, 12:42) Volker Barth
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As "journal" indicates a somewhat daily release, there's only one such topical channel:

Breck's Blog

I feel that fact should be mentioned here even though many forum user will know about that...

And as my other answer shows, that great blog is even the place where you'll find the Insider's articles with the least search afford:)

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answered 12 Mar '12, 04:26

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Volker Barth
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