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we would need the following setup with SQL Anywhere:

  • 1 Main Server with 1 CPU (4-8cores)
  • 1 Secondary server for High Availabbility (1 CPU 4-8cores)
  • 35 Remote instances to be sync with the central DB via DBRemote or perhaps MobiLink

To the licensing guide I have to following questions:

  • When buying SQL Anywhere Standard, do I need a license for each CORE, or only for each CPU?
  • The Standard Edition includes High Availability, does this mean I can install the same license on two servers to get this high availablity, or do I need a second server license for the backup server?
  • For the remote instances, I can use the "SQL Anywhere Personal DB Seat with Sync" as many times as needed, correct?


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Thank you.

(18 Nov '13, 15:55) ASchild

While you should aks your local SAP Sybase sales representative to be sure, in my experience licensing 1 CPU (= chip) includes all cores within that chip on a physical machine. In a VM each virtual CPU (alias core) needs as a separate licence. IMHO a license for the Standard Edition includes the right to install SA on 2 servers (primary and mirror) and 1 arbiter (warning, I may be wrong).

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answered 18 Nov '13, 09:08

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Reimer Pods
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I tink I remember a blog article by Chris Kleisath on the old iAnywhere blog resource (i.e., no more available) about the licenses needed for VMs, and that was very combrehensible IMHO. Sadly, I can't find it in the SCN space.

(19 Nov '13, 09:32) Volker Barth
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No, I'm referring to a blog article with pretty diagrams and the like - but I may be wrong, obviously.

Nevertheless, the cited FAQ is surely helpful on its own.

(19 Nov '13, 11:13) Volker Barth

Oh, yes! And sorry for not remembering you as the author... - I had the impression "license issues" would be more on Chris's focus:)

(20 Nov '13, 10:09) Volker Barth

André, The SQL Anywhere 16 Standard Edition includes the license for High-Availability, which enables you to install a primary server, a secondary server, and an arbiter server with the same license.

SQL Anywhere 16 (and previous versions) is not licensed by CORE, but rather by the CPU (sometimes called CHIP or SOCKET).

For your remote seats, each of them will need to be licensed with the add-on "Personal Server with Synchronization" option. None of our packages include an unlimited number of these.

For exact pricing, you should speak with a local sales rep.

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answered 19 Nov '13, 10:52

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Chris Kleisath
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