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This is no real question, more something I stumbled upon:

Unload will create 1 subdir, but not a hierarchy of 2?

If directory X doesn't exist it is not created in the following statement:

unload select * from T into file 'c:\\X\\Y\\file.txt'
you get: ERROR Cannot access file 'c:\X\Y\file.txt' -- No such file or directory

but if X exists the not existing Y will be created.

asked 24 Jun '13, 09:35

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For what ever reason, perhaps historical or perhaps a simple omission, the code that creates/opens the output file for the unload statement only attempts to create the parent directory ... and does not handle the case of a non-existent parent's parent directory.

It would be a reasonable (and fairly easy to implement) enhancement to create multiple levels of directories.

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answered 24 Jun '13, 09:55

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Mark Culp
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IIRC Backup Database is behaving identically, while dbbackup will prompt for creation of a single sub folder.

(15 Jul '13, 07:24) Reimer Pods
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