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I have a database that Looks like it was wrtten in version 4 (1994). Version 10 will not let me unload it because it is so old. How can I unload it? Is there a place to get version 4 or maybe I just need a driver.

asked 25 Sep '12, 16:46

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SQL Anywhere v9 was the last version where we supported unloading a Watcom SQL v4 database.

Unfortunately, as v9 is no longer supported, there is no way to download or find an install image on the Sybase web site for this software.

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answered 26 Sep '12, 09:31

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Reg Domaratzki
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I am having trouble running version 9. I am getting a java error

edit, XP works.

(26 Sep '12, 14:45) blindguy
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Don't worry about running Sybase Central or any of the Java tools. Once SA9 is installed, open a dos prompt and execute a command similar to :

%ASANY9%\win32\dbunload.exe -c "uid=dba;pwd=sql;dbf=v4.db" .

This should create a file called reload.sql and a series of .DAT files with all your data in them that can be reloaded into a new v10 database that you create.

(26 Sep '12, 14:57) Reg Domaratzki

Thank you, it only works if i use the command line anyway

(26 Sep '12, 15:30) blindguy

If you google for "SQL Anywhere 9.02" you'll get a few site from where you can download the developer version. C.Burns

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answered 26 Sep '12, 09:45

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IMHO you should look for "SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 developer"

(26 Sep '12, 11:47) Reimer Pods

I get most of the data i expect to be in there, but a lot of the dat files are blank. There is one in particular that I want. In the .sql file it shows the table name and columns.

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answered 28 Sep '12, 12:52

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Blank data files usually just mean that the according tables are empty. Or has the v9 unload given any errors?

If not, as you obviously can use v9 to unload the database, I would suggest that you use v9 simply to start the database and to connect to it and to have a look whether the according tables are empty or not, something like

%ASANY9%win32dbisqlc -c "uid=dba;pwd=sql;dbf=v4.db"

(28 Sep '12, 13:20) Volker Barth
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It looks like that column is empty using the interactive SQL. Is it possible that this has to do with the version? It doesnt make sence that half of the tables in the database were created empty. I know specifically that data in this table is used in the calculations I do in the program.

(28 Sep '12, 14:23) blindguy

there is an EXE that comes with the program that starts the database. trdsk50w. If i run it seperately it launches a little window "Sybase SQL Anywhere Database Engine Version 5.0.01 Build #451"

This launches before the program use the data. I am hoping that maybe i can talk to it also. Any suggestions?

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answered 28 Sep '12, 16:11

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