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[unhappy thoughts redacted]

it will be working again

[unhappy thoughts redacted]

Lots, I'll bet.

[unhappy thoughts redacted]

Come on everyone

[unhappy thoughts redacted]

asked 22 Nov '10, 10:54

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Breck Carter
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Mark Culp


Breck, IMHO, this is not a question, but an unhelpful rant, barely better than other rants you have recently been directing me to read.

(22 Nov '10, 14:46) Chris Kleisath
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Ooops, sorry, forgot to plug in my Sunshine and Lollipops module this morning... it won't happen again!

(22 Nov '10, 15:54) Breck Carter

@Everyone: You see, according to the tags, Breck is debugging (whatever) – don't you have a thorough understanding for a lot of "to-be redacted speech" done during a hard search for errors?

(22 Nov '10, 16:11) Volker Barth

@Breck: While I thought your redacted comment was a rant, you do raise a valid point for Sybase...namely that our SYSTEMS HAVE TO WORK. On that point, there can be no argument, and it is absolutely fair to point out when they don't, and not all problems are Sybase IT. Sometimes, the problem is the system itself. It is our job to fix them, and make them more reliable and better performing.

(22 Nov '10, 16:12) Chris Kleisath

@Chris: I agree with Breck - in case he still holds the point:) - that DCX could perform better. I consider it a very convenient, helpful and innovative tool but the performance is not that good.

(22 Nov '10, 16:40) Volker Barth

Now that the group hug is out of the way :) I thought I'd add that we also see the slowdown on initial load (per browser session) of the framework and are investigating improvements. We're seeing great times on DCX once framework is loaded, but are also investigating whether response times are different during the night or early morning, as some users have encountered temporary sluggishness at those times.

(23 Nov '10, 14:51) Laura Nevin
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Look... if SQLA 2.0 has to run in the Sybase data center, it is doomed. It will be slow, it will be unreliable, it will fail.

Surely you can't actually know that for a fact, although I'm sure you're going off experience.

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answered 22 Nov '10, 14:41

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Daz Liquid
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I fully expect fully expect fully expect fully expect ... everything to run well with no problems no problems no problems ... whatsoever :)

(22 Nov '10, 15:59) Breck Carter

That's not what you put in the quickly redacted comment :) But now i'm feeling the love :)

(22 Nov '10, 16:03) Daz Liquid

@Daz: Group hug! :)

(22 Nov '10, 16:34) Breck Carter
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