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I have a reasonable internet connection, but over the last few weeks I find it harder and harder to interact with the Sybase NNTP forums with endless timeouts etc.

I've tried different clients (Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc), but it's the same. I can connect using the browser based view at, but of course you can't track what's new etc.

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Justin Willey
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I remember that some months ago I had timeouts nearly every morning (CET) continuing for several weeks, while in the late afternoon response was normal.

Maybe we european users suffer from nightly (in the US) service operations on the Sybase servers.

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answered 09 Dec '09, 11:34

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Reimer Pods
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If so, let's build the SEUSG - the Sybase European Users Suffering Group:)

(09 Dec '09, 14:13) Volker Barth

I have eperienced several timeouts in the last weeks, too – not so much that the forums weren't usable but at least more often than in the time before.

I'm using Thunderbird as news reader.

(Well, and then there are these quite annoying new postings that appear as responses to year-old threads - because of their not unique subject, methinks. I guess it would happen if I post some subject like "Help!" or "Replication error". - That is still one of the most disturbing things generally with NNTP in my opinion.)

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answered 09 Dec '09, 07:49

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Volker Barth
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