It would be useful if you could get access to the whole of a long varchar from the Watch list of the Debugger. Currently (v6 ie SQLA 11) it only shows the first 250 chars in a single line, a dialog box (as in the data grids) would be great.

asked 15 Oct '10, 12:18

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Justin Willey
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Thank you for your suggestion. We are not sure if returning all the data in a long value from the server to the debugger all the time is necessarily the correct approach; but perhaps providing a mechanism for the user to indicate how much of a long column should be returned is doable and the better approach. We will therefore consider making a future enhancement to the debugger and server to allow users to fetch more data when viewing long values.

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answered 18 Oct '10, 14:48

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Karim Khamis
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Thanks Karim - I was thinking that it would only be fetched on demand (as when you drill down in the data grid)

(18 Oct '10, 17:17) Justin Willey

@Justin Yes that certainly would be ideal. We will try and come up with something reasonable and useful. Again, thanks for the suggestion.

(18 Oct '10, 17:46) Karim Khamis
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