SQL Anywhere Personal Server Version dbunload generates the following ALTER TABLE for a proxy table that was originally created on a Version 9 catalog table.

FWIW this is probably a pretty obscure bug feature, but it does cause Application Profiling to choke stop when it tries to create a profiling database.

    "constraint_id"                  unsigned int NOT NULL
   ,"table_id"                       unsigned int NOT NULL
   ,"column_id"                      unsigned int NULL
   ,"index_id"                       unsigned int NULL
   ,"fkey_id"                        smallint NULL
   ,"constraint_type"                char(1) NOT NULL
   ,"constraint_name"                char(128) NOT NULL

    ADD UNIQUE ( "table_id","constraint_name" )

***** SQL error: Feature 'Alter remote table' not implemented

Note: I did not create the UNIQUE constraint (how could I?) but it exists in the V11 system tables. I think under certain circumstances the CREATE EXISTING TABLE command creates local thingies like this for some reason, perhaps performance. Since a proxy table has no rows, ever, a local constraint makes no sense except as a hint for cross-database queries... AFAIK.

This may open a can of worms for dbunload... just how is it SUPPOSED to add these hints to the reload sql file?

asked 20 Oct '10, 12:53

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Breck Carter
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Yup, it's a bug that needs to be fixed. We will open a case for the issue and get the problem resolved.

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answered 20 Oct '10, 18:43

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Karim Khamis
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