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I m using one server 'A' windows 2008 R2, 64 bit operating system and We have other server 'B' same windows 2008 R2 but the having the embedded database version on which symantec is installed. Symantec version is 12.1.1101.401.

On my server I have successfully created one ODBC (SQL Anywhere 11) to fetch & access the data from the symantec database. But, when I try to test the odbc connection it shows me following errors -

1) Unable to initialize requested communication links. OR 2) Found server but the communication error occured.

In order to check the communication, I tried to take the telnet from Server A to Server B, through port 2638 as it is an Embedded Databse. The Connection is getting failed, I am unable to telnet to server B.

I cross checked with the server B, there I found , the database is using the localhost ip ie and port 2638 (got to know by using netstat command). So, its not allowing any other server to telnet through port 2638 to their database.

So, What am I suppose to do, as this is very URGENT????

OR, anybody having any other alternatives, please tell me....

asked 25 Dec '12, 07:42

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Mark Culp

Try disabling any firewall software that may be running on the client or server computers.

Did this setup ever work? If so, what changed?

Try using ping, and dbping:

(25 Dec '12, 10:07) Breck Carter

Hi Breck,

Yes I already tried disabling the firewalls also. But the results were same... As of now my main concern is that How to change the database local host ip to server B's ip so that I can atleast establish a connection..?????

Ping is working.

(26 Dec '12, 00:48) Anand

Have you reviewed the documentation from Symantec on this topic for the Symantec Endpoint Protection product to help establish ODBC connectivity?

Does Symantec even allow remote ODBC access to the database for this product? You should ask Symantec first. And are you really using the Symantec "embedded database" or the "SQL database"?

permanent link

answered 26 Dec '12, 10:28

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Jeff Albion
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Hi Jeff,

Actually I m planning for an ArcSight Smartconnector installation for the getting the logs from symantec. So, in reference for that I need to create an ODBC (SQL Anywhere 11)on my server A, which I have created and Yes, I referred the document during the installation. Yes , As mentioned earlier also, Symantec is using Embedded Database.

(27 Dec '12, 00:51) Anand
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Actually I m planning for an ArcSight Smartconnector installation for the getting the logs from symantec.

So does Symantec allow for remote ODBC TCP/IP access to the SQL Anywhere database server in this arrangement, or no? (Is there an open TCP port?) From your description above, it sounds like they do not allow remote access (SQL Anywhere has features to disable remote TCP/IP access).

If Symantec doesn't allow you access, then you will not be able to use your installation in the way you are planning.

(27 Dec '12, 06:31) Jeff Albion

Yes, there are other ports which are open and I m able to take telnet through those, but my main concern is to access the database listening on port 2638, which I am unable to bcoz of the reason I mention above..

If , in case, I could not succeed this way, then can you please suggest me other solution , so that I can proceed with the installation.

Thank you for reverting.

(27 Dec '12, 07:50) Anand
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I have checked some additional information and can confirm that Symantec only allows local TCP/IP connections to this product's database. So you will have to plan differently for your deployment - we do not have other suggestions for you and you should discuss any further access restrictions to the database with Symantec directly.

(27 Dec '12, 09:27) Jeff Albion

Thank you Jeff for the suggestion and guidance.

Will coordinate with the symantec guys.

(28 Dec '12, 00:00) Anand
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