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Hello, I use Symantec OpsCenter Analytics. I need to get statements which use this application, because I need do news reports.

How can I monitor SQL statements which are run by this app (OpsCenter)?


asked 18 Nov '13, 13:58

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is off-topic or not relevant" by Mark Culp 18 Nov '13, 17:56

This forum is specifically for SQL Anywhere. While Symantec does use SQL Anywhere as a data source, we do not directly support end-applications by OEM vendors (e.g. Symantec OpsCenter Analytics).

You will be much more likely to find an appropriate response on the Symantec forums for your question. There are existing threads already posted related to your question regarding creating SQL scripts for reporting against Symantec OpsCenter Analytics.

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answered 18 Nov '13, 15:34

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Thanks. Polo

(19 Nov '13, 02:45) Sybase

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