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The following DCX sub-topic link works fine from within the DCX Index tab; it correctly jumps to the COMPUTE clause section of the CREATE TABLE topic.

(...which, by the way, is A VERY COOL FEATURE)

However, when you try to use it from outside DCX (e.g., from the browser URL bar), it briefly flashes the COMPUTE clause section and then scrolls way down:*d5e43904

asked 07 Jun '12, 10:37

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Breck Carter
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This is a function of the browser, not DCX. I.e. the browser decides when to render the page and display the contents to the user. I suspect what is happening is that when DCX is already loaded the page contents are loaded faster than when the link is clicked externally from DCX. I.e. when clicked externally not only does the CREATE TABLE topic page need to be loaded but all of the other content required for DCX needs to be loaded (the top, left, bottom panels plus all of the underlying javascript and style sheets), and all of this causes the browser to behave differently.

permanent link

answered 07 Jun '12, 10:49

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Mark Culp
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It's Bush's fault!

(07 Jun '12, 11:23) Breck Carter

Would "#" anchor tags help to make sub-topics available? IMHO (which is surey limited!), they work reliable even when used with web sites whose pages have not been loaed.

For e.g. they work fine in this forum to link to answers, such as

(08 Jun '12, 03:12) Volker Barth
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Sorry, such a dumb proposal, I had completely overseen the fact that in DCX links, a "#" symbol is already used to specify the version (or whatever)...see Breck's sample.

(08 Jun '12, 07:37) Volker Barth

@Mark: That's so cool! ...the developers of Chrome, Firefox and IE all got together to implement exactly the same wrong behavior:

First, scroll the topic page down to the subtopic and briefly display it (the correct result),

Then, having teased the user with the correct behavior, quickly scroll down to almost the bottom of the topic, but not quite the bottom, and leave the display there (worse than useless result).

Half the time those guys can't agree on W3 standards let alone code "the wrong way" the same way.

Oh, well, I coulda sworn it used to work, but I can't find proof... Bush deleted it :)

(09 Jun '12, 13:51) Breck Carter
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