Hello Good day every one!

We have PowerDesigner repository (installed on Oracle). I have extracted and checked-in all my objects by reverse engineering the objects (say V1). Now, I made few changes to the model (say adding couple of columns) and checked-in (say V2).

My question is how to generate the code (only for the changes and not for the entire database). I know how to compare versions and also version vs. workspace and I can see the tool is showing the differences.

However what I need is how to generate code for that.

If you need any specific details I can share. Thank you for your time, Viswa Viswa

asked 29 Feb '12, 15:33

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Save the Model V1 as "Archived PDM", then load the model V2, select Database->Modify Database from the menu and fill in the path to the V1 APM. I would always opt to save modifications in an SQL file rather than updating the taget database directly, but that's yoru decision

(01 Mar '12, 08:49) Reimer Pods

Check out the Sybase PowerDesigner Users Group on linkedin. Really nice guy there that can help you out.

(01 Mar '12, 11:32) Thomas Dueme...

First of all thank you for the responses.

Answer from "Reimer Pods", helped me. Thank you very much.

Database -> Apply Model changes to Database a. Choose either 'using an archive model' or 'Using data source' or 'using model from repository'. b. Generation type -> Script generation (I also agree with generating the script and not directly apply them).

"Thomas Duemesnil" -> Thank you for the direction, I have subscribed for that.

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answered 01 Mar '12, 11:54

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It's not powerdesigner forum.

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answered 01 Mar '12, 02:26

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You are right. I would love to have one as forum like this for PowerDesigner. Perhaps Sybase is listening ;-).

(01 Mar '12, 11:30) Thomas Dueme...
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