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asked 23 Jul '10, 12:47

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Breck Carter
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edited 26 Sep '11, 17:23

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Mark Culp

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I'd like to add: If there's no truly satisfying answer but one or more partially acceptable ones, it's fine to comment on those on what they solve/don't solve. That should help to add better answers or edit the existing ones. And sometimes one might be able to combine two "nearly-acceptable answers" into one that is fully acceptable...

(23 Jul '10, 14:02) Volker Barth

Just in case you need an arbitrary answer to accept:)

Though it may be useful to keep this exhortation showing up from time to time...

Seriously, I comes at a surprise to me that some folks are so friendly to write a comment saying "Thanks" or "It worked!" but don't click on the "accept" button... Are we too much conditioned by NNTP behaviour?

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answered 23 Jul '10, 13:55

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
accept rate: 34%

Yes, I think so (re: conditioning)... it doesn't help that the "accept" button is camouflaged as the dim grey outline of a giant clown checkmark (now a giant GREEN clown checkmark here :)

(23 Jul '10, 15:00) Breck Carter

More: Soon, when we get our own version of OSQA up and running, we may get better (i.e., any) response to feature requests.

(23 Jul '10, 15:03) Breck Carter

you mean we were supposed to read the directions... :)

(23 Jul '10, 16:49) Bill Aumen
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There are of course some things that don't really have an "answer" as such - announcments, product suggestions etc - A limitation of a pure Q&A approach I suppose

(26 Jul '10, 10:30) Justin Willey

@Justin: Well, for "product suggestions" we do hope to get an answer, don't we? - But I agree with your point. Possibly the person raising an announcement could post an answer to "close" the pseudo-question if nobody else has posted any answer within a certain timeframe...

(26 Jul '10, 10:33) Volker Barth

@Justin: Or should all announcements be worded as questions: Q: "Where can I get the new feature X / new version Y?" - A (from the same poster): "Have a look at ...". - Inherently, that approach should also earn more reputation:) --- No, this is no serious suggestion.

(26 Jul '10, 10:36) Volker Barth

I have a current question that has been answered. But I can't find an "accept" button anywhere???

(27 Sep '11, 10:54) Bill Aumen


Do you see a gray circle with a tick in it under the votes on the left hand margin of the answers? You need to click on that.

(27 Sep '11, 11:17) Justin Willey

Got it, thanks. (I am sure I have done that in the past, I better invoke the grey hair excuse.)

(27 Sep '11, 11:21) Bill Aumen
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