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I might have forgotten something, but as i read from the documentation the following command line statement:

dbsrv10.exe -z -o c:\somedir\somefile.txt

should make the engine write the console output to the somefile.txt. But somehow, this is not working for me. Am I missing something? It's also worth mentioning that dbsrv10.exe is started as a service, which also prevents me from looking at the engine console output.

asked 25 Jun '10, 15:24

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I can think of a couple things that may help you Sergio:

1) modify the service in Sybase Central to "Interact with desktop"; then you will be able to view the SQLA server window. (The drawback is that a user can shutdown the service from the window that is now open.)

2) Run dbconsole.exe and connect to the database. In addition to lots of good user info, you will see the same SQLA server messages.

3) I have run into the problem under Windows of not being able to write to a log file on the server, I believe it had to do with the fact that the Windows account I used to create the service did not have "access" to the "file system" on the server. (You might have to do a little more digging to see if my memory is correct here.)

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answered 25 Jun '10, 15:51

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Bill Aumen
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Thanks for the tips. I think i found the reason the log file was not being created. Probably has to do with me editing the registry directly instead of using dbsvc to modify the service. :P

(25 Jun '10, 15:56) Sergio

@Sergio: It is likely a permission problem - please report back here to let others know when you have solve your isse. Also, note that Windows Vista and Win7 does not allow a service to interact with the desktop.

(25 Jun '10, 17:39) Mark Culp

The problem was that i was adding the -z -o options in the wrong place. If i use the dbsvc utility, the logfile is generated.

(30 Jun '10, 07:45) Sergio
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