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In the following question I asked if it is possible to get error details from a synchronization in the remote client application via C#.

Chris Keating was very kind in replying but unfortunately, even after digging deeper I'm noticing that even with "-v+" setting on the client (remote) application, the exact detail of the error is not available.

On the server log... I find the following error: E. 2018-02-16 15:20:03. <4> [-10013] Version 'someapplication4.8' not found in the ml_script_version table. Cannot synchronize

This is a meaningfull error.. But on the client side I only get the following message... E. 2018-02-16 15:19:09. Error code from MobiLink server: -10368

How can I get the same error on the client as on the server?

here is my client mobilink startup parameters ({0} = the connectionstring):

"-c {0} -q -dl -v+ -o C:\Log\Mobilink\mobilink.txt"

Thank you very much...

asked 16 Feb '18, 09:37

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The -10013 is not sent back to the client. Some errors such as-10013 generally require solutions to be provided on the server side.

(20 Feb '18, 09:50) Chris Keating

One of the hallmarks of MobiLink is server-centric administration. This reflects the most common synchronization architecture used with MobiLink, whereby one single central consolidated database is synchronized with a large number of remote databases, and where only the central database has the benefit of skilled administration personnel. In the case of a failed sync, the remotes just keep trying until the problem goes away... and the problem is fixed by actions taken on the central site.

Over time, this has had the result that (IMO) the dbmlsync -v log is almost useless, and all the "good stuff" is recorded in the mlsrv -v log.

If you fight the MobiLink architecture, and try to move synchronization problem diagnosis and resolution tasks to the remote computers from the central computer, you are unlikely to be successful.

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answered 20 Feb '18, 10:10

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Breck Carter
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Thanks for this explanation Breck. This makes things clear.

(22 Feb '18, 02:04) vdcey
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