The following database server properties can be used to access the database server console output from within SQL:

  • MaxMessage
  • Message
  • MessageText
  • MessageTime
  • MessageWindowSize

All these have been deprecated in v11. Nevertheless, they are still available in v12 and v16.

Question: What SQL feature is the recommended way to access the same information? I don't find any hint to that in v11 and above...

asked 19 Oct '13, 16:21

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 21 Oct '13, 05:38


Hm, I would like to link to the according DCX pages - however, DCX seems currently unavailable... - cf. this FAQ.

(19 Oct '13, 16:28) Volker Barth

The recommended method to access the server console messages is to use sa_server_messages system procedure - It can return the information in a much more efficient way.

permanent link

answered 21 Oct '13, 11:21

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Mark Culp
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Ah, I see - apparently, I missed that as a new feature in v11, possibly, because it's only index in the "What's new section" relates to the discontinued "SQL Anywhere deprecated and discontinued features ", particularly to the obsolete "sa_get_server_messages" system procedure...

(It should be noted that the new system procedure is contained in the "SQL Anywhere new features ยป Miscellaneous" section, not in the "System procedures and functions" as I might have expected.)

Resume: Wasn't there a question recently whether we rely on the documentation index? :)

(I would like to link to DCX if I only could. Why are you able to do so, Mark - some internal access method?)

(21 Oct '13, 12:54) Volker Barth
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I'll send a note to the doc team to get the procedure indexed properly.

Not sure why I can access DCX and you can't? There could be some external routing to issue?... I'll make sure a ticket is open to get this resolved.

(21 Oct '13, 12:59) Mark Culp

Still not available on this side of the pond :( - this is what I get - not sure how many of these machines are yours:

7   261 ms   257 ms   254 ms []
8   245 ms   241 ms   246 ms []
9   244 ms   243 ms   245 ms
10   245 ms   251 ms   249 ms []
11   252 ms   245 ms   252 ms []
12 [] reports: 
Destination net unreachable
(21 Oct '13, 14:33) Justin Willey

FWIW, is available for me - and this forum, too - what a surprise:)

(21 Oct '13, 15:51) Volker Barth
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