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Hello, We are trying to trace some unexpected errors in our application/database with RIBO. The problem is that RIBO creates a lot of ".tds" files. How can I force RIBO to generate the data to one file only?

Thanks a lot,

Ohad Nir

asked 19 Nov '12, 03:48

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Mark Culp

As Mark mentioned, the RIBO tool along with the jConnect driver are both supplied by the ASE team. Having said that, unless you are specifically trying to track down a TDS protocol error, you can probably get away without using RIBO entirely. Starting the server with the -z option will force the server to provide a full TDS trace (across all connections) in the console log. You could therefore use the -z combined with the -o option to get a full TDS trace in one file. Again though, while the console TDS trace is very complete and usable, it might not help if you are specifically trying to track down a TDS protocol error.

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answered 20 Nov '12, 11:06

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Karim Khamis
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This is not the correct forum to ask this question. This forum is used to ask questions about SQL Anywhere. I would suggest that you direct this question to one of the ASE news forums. See here for a list of forums.

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answered 19 Nov '12, 09:09

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Mark Culp
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Hi Mark,

Sorry for not mentioned it in my previous note but we use SQL Anywhere. As far as i know RIBO support SQL Anywhere.

if you still think i should direct this question to ASE forum I'll do it.


(19 Nov '12, 09:43) onir
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As far as I know the RIBO tool is written and supported by the ASE team, and therefore you will likely get a quicker answer from them.

BTW, what API are you using? If you are using jConnect to connect to SQL Anywhere then I would suggest you try our iAnywhere/SQL Anywhere JDBC driver instead since you will get better performance.

(19 Nov '12, 10:02) Mark Culp
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