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After calling the sa_get_request_times procedure, the satmp_request_hostvar table has only the first hostvar of each statement.

Looking at the original request log file, all the host variables are there. It looks like sa_get_request_times is only considering the first one.

I reproduced this error in two different database versions: SA_1600_2127 and SA_1700_2053.

Am I doing something wrong or should I just open an incident for the SA_17 version?

Commands used to activate the request logging:

call sa_server_option( 'RequestLogging', 'SQL+hostvars');
call sa_server_option( 'RequestLogFile', '..\\requests.sql');
call sa_server_option( 'RequestLogMaxSize', 50000000);

Command used to analyze the generated request log file:

call sa_get_request_times('..\\requests.sql.old');

Thanks in advance.

asked 27 Oct '20, 15:16

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Thiago Reis
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Have you tried with a more current release since both versions are > 4 years old?

(27 Oct '20, 22:30) Chris Keating
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Not yet. I am trying to download the build 6175, but I got a message that the file is locked by SAP Export Department for processing. So I am waiting for this. Once I get this build, I will do the tests and report here.

(28 Oct '20, 06:33) Thiago Reis

Hi Chris. I tested the SQL Anywhere 17 build 6175 and noticed the same behavior. The procedure still considers only the first hostvar value.

Should I open an incident for this version?

(13 Nov '20, 07:50) Thiago Reis
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