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While doing an upvote (on Jeff's answer), suddenly the following dialog appeared (with 10 instead of 9):

link text

After clicking OK, my expected upvote seemed to have turned in a downvote. I could correct that.

On the next occasion, the above popup showed up.

What's the sense behind that?

Does it want to invite me to vote - or should I give less votes?

Somewhat irritating...

asked 06 Jul '11, 13:33

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 06 Jul '11, 13:36

I'm not sure about the upvote turning into a downvote, but you are only allowed to vote 30 times per day. Once you get to 10 left, it will begin warning you that you're almost out of votes.

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answered 06 Jul '11, 13:40

Graeme%20Perrow's gravatar image

Graeme Perrow
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why this limitation? Volker is quite active here and such a limitation will only force him to do less.

(07 Jul '11, 02:44) Martin
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Well, obviously I have never voted more than 19 times a day since I have never seen this popup before...

So that won't stop/decrease my activities:)

(07 Jul '11, 03:33) Volker Barth

Well, clearly you don't live or vote in Chicago :)

(07 Jul '11, 06:51) Breck Carter

Clearly no - and I may live too far away from there to get the point:(

(07 Jul '11, 07:05) Volker Barth

BTW: The word "left" in the message seems ambiguous (at least for me as non-native speaker): Have I left (i.e. made) 10 votes here or are there 10 votes left to be made?

Based on your statement, the meaning is clear, but the popup itself has left me puzzled:)

(07 Jul '11, 07:46) Volker Barth
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I'm not sure it's that vague, maybe if it just said '9 votes left today' then it would be worth changing, but it seems fine as it is to me, and my english is worse than yours @Volker :)

(08 Jul '11, 16:51) Daz Liquid

You know how to use "sod" in a sentence, your English is perfect :)

(08 Jul '11, 16:57) Breck Carter far as to the interpretation of exact message wording, yes, I have to agree:)

(09 Jul '11, 04:43) Volker Barth

If you lived in Chicago, you would know all about "voting 19 times in one day"... do a Google search on corrupt chicago politics

(09 Jul '11, 05:18) Breck Carter
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