asked 06 Jul '11, 11:46

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Breck Carter
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We did! July 1st and 4th. Didn't you see the fireworks?

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answered 06 Jul '11, 15:23

PhilippeBertrand%20_SAP_'s gravatar image

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Well, there was some fog over the Atlantic those days, and I couldn't see much - could you repeat them?

(09 Jul '11, 04:48) Volker Barth
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Which ones, the real fireworks, or the fake ones CBS showed?

(09 Jul '11, 05:14) Breck Carter

Clearly in this day and age of live video editing, photoshop and CGI, there is no truth to the phrase "photographic/video evidence".

(10 Jul '11, 08:38) PhilippeBert...

I was going to comment that this wouldn't be fair, but then I had a look and I'm on the first page, so sod the rest of you P.A.R.T.Y :-) :-)

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answered 08 Jul '11, 15:14

Daz%20Liquid's gravatar image

Daz Liquid
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Unlike some of my fellows who got unknown reputation events boosting them 300 and 500 points, I'm still inching my way towards that status but I'll pull a "Salahi" and crash the party!

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answered 08 Jul '11, 15:36

PhilippeBertrand%20_SAP_'s gravatar image

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Interesting...if someone up votes a comment and converts it to an answer, reputation does not go up. I'm assuming that's what Breck just did. Breck: why did you convert the comments to answers?

(08 Jul '11, 16:22) PhilippeBert...
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Maybe because it's not really a proper question, so all comments are really answers ?

(08 Jul '11, 16:46) Daz Liquid

...because I liked them! :)

(08 Jul '11, 16:54) Breck Carter

Hmmm... converting an upvoted comment to an answer should increase reputation. Must investigate. Note also that converting an upvoted answer to a comment will reduce reputation.

(08 Jul '11, 17:42) Graeme Perrow

Just to add: I noticed the same behaviour (votes on comments converted to answers don't count) on this answer. Only the third vote seems reputation-relevant, and that vote came after the conversion. But no big deal:)

(11 Jul '11, 08:08) Volker Barth

Maybe Graeme can re-assign you some of Bruce's reputation...or Josh's for that matter.

(11 Jul '11, 15:17) Phil Mitchell
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So the famous Bruce has retired?

(12 Jul '11, 03:02) Volker Barth

Sadly (Happily? Depends if you're him or not), yes. But maybe he'll still troll the forums when/if he gets bored. Who knows?

(12 Jul '11, 11:18) Phil Mitchell
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