Trying to trouble shoot some problems with long running queries. The Sql Monitor prompts me that I have a query that has exceeded the threshold, but 9 out of 10 times it has null for the query.

Example Problem: A query has been running longer than the 20 s threshold. A query issued by connection 'App1' (ID 31,399) has been running for 156 s. The query is as follows: null Advice: Try closing the connection that issued this query. Check the query to make sure that it is not unnecessarily costly (for example,

I am running sql monitor version against a 10.x Sql Anywhere server and database. Is the null caused by the version mismatch, is there a length limitation on what the sql in the query can be to be returned in the error message, or am I missing a setting somewhere ...

asked 06 Jul '11, 11:22

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You must use the server option '-zl' or set the server option 'RememberLastStatement' first or the alert will not show the last query executed.

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answered 06 Jul '11, 14:29

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Thanks Paul I will give this a try.

(06 Jul '11, 15:32) trexco

Ok Paul, four out of five messages have had the sql in them now. Not sure why the fifth one did not, but it is a big improvement. Thanks for the -zl tip.

(06 Jul '11, 16:28) trexco

BTW, the latest EBF contains a better alert message that tells you to turn on that option.

(06 Jul '11, 16:39) PaulTonizzo ...

Check out Foxhound.

FWIW the "RememberLastStatement" setting is also required with Foxhound: Question: How do I get something to show up in the Last Statement column?

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answered 07 Jul '11, 06:58

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Breck Carter
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Which (in the interest of openness) is Breck's own (great) product.

(08 Jul '11, 15:07) Daz Liquid
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